Penile Cancer

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Penile cancer is a rare cancer. Around 600 men a year are diagnosed with it in the UK. St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of around 15 UK specialist units that treat this cancer. We are referred men with penile cancer from South London, South East England, …

Urological Cancer

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The Urology Department provides acute and elective services to St Georges Hospitals and to an extensive tertiary network of NHS, private and overseas hospitals. Within its cancer network, it has the largest number of cancer patients in the Trust. Cutting edge surgical technology, including the Da Vinci® robot, are employed …


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Surgical Andrology

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Andrology a urological subspecialty specialising in problems of the male reproductive system. Conditions include erectile dysfunction, urethral stricture disease and male fertility issues as well as cancer of the penis, testes and urethra.St George’s Hospital is a world renowned centre for the treatment of penile cancer and forms part of …


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Clinical radiology is the use of medical imaging methods to look inside the body to diagnose, treat and monitor diseases and injuries.  At St George’s, the radiology team uses a wide range of imaging methods to detect and diagnose cancer.  These techniques include plain films, ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic …

Clinic Locations

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Trevelyan House Surgery: The main department is Trevelyan House Surgery. Adult and paediatric appointments are offered here on an appointment-basis. There is lift access to this clinic. The St George’s Suite has baby changing facilities. Address: Trevelyan House 1st Floor 160 Tooting High Street London SW17 0RT St George’s Hospital: Adult …

Referrals and Appointments

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Referrals can be accepted from GPs and need to be booked by the e-Referral Service. Your hospital clinician may also choose to refer you. Appointments are extremely valuable. If you cannot attend your appointment, please phone us so that we can offer you a new appointment and, the cancelled appointment offered to …

Lower Gastrointestinal (Lower GI) Cancer

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Lower gastrointestinal (or lower GI) cancer refers to cancers of the large bowel (colon and rectum) and the anus.  Large bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer affecting men and women in the United Kingdom.  Bowel cancer is more likely to be diagnosed in older patients; more than nine …

Visitor Information

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  Vestibular (balance) assessments take place at St Georges Hospital in the Audiology and Audiovestibular Medicine Department. Your appointment with the Specialist Audiovestibular doctor will involve a detailed history of your problem and thorough examination of your ears, eye movements, balance and coordination. Your doctor will also consider using a …

Cancer Genetics

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The Cancer Genetics team at the Southwest Thames Regional Genetics Service serves a population of approximately 3million people. The aim of the service is to identify people at increased risk of developing cancer because of any underlying genetic factors, so that we can offer screening and other treatments to reduce …