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The St George’s Hospital neurosurgery department provides a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the brain, skull, spine and nervous system.  The department provides both planned and emergency services for a large variety of general neurosurgical conditions. Our sub-specialities include: Neuro-oncology (brain tumours) Simple spinal surgery Complex spinal …

Postgraduate Educational Programme

Postgraduate Educational Programme

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All adult critical care areas in the hospital are busy. However, we should see ourselves as a learning organisation and we should take every opportunity to teach and learn so long as patient care is at the centre of what we do. We have 3 scheduled formal teaching sessions during …

Cognitive Neurology and Dementia

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The cognitive neurology and dementia service provides a consultant-led multi-disciplinary approach to the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of all cognitive disorders (conditions that affect how somebody thinks and behaves). There are lots of types of cognitive disorder but the most common are those that are due to dementia. The term …


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Martin DS, Cobb A, Meale P, Mitchell K, Edsell M, Mythen MG, Grocott MP; for the Xtreme Alps Research Group. Systemic oxygen extraction during exercise at high altitude. Br J Anaesth. 2014 Dec 13 Ackland GL, Iqbal S, Paredes LG, Toner A, Lyness C, Jenkins N, Bodger P, Karmali S, …

Job opportunities

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Development opportunities offered for nursing staff in ICU at St George’s Bands 5,6,7 Band 5 The Foundations of Critical Care Nursing Course (FCCNC) is designed to facilitate the development of ICU specific skills to enable safe delivery of care within this specialism. The FCCNC is run jointly between the three …

Research on the Critical Care Units

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The Adult Critical Care Directorate at St George’s is actively involved in research, and we are pleased to be able to offer patients the chance to participate in a number of exciting research studies aiming to improve the quality of care that we can provide. A member of the clinical team …

Education and Training

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The Adult Critical Care service has many exciting training opportunities for all grades of clinician. The unit has created its own book of guidelines and recommendations. this can be downloaded here. Further information and resources for can be accessed and downloaded from the following site. I am about to start …

About Us

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The Adult Critical Care service is managed by the Adult Critical Care Directorate. The Directorate meets monthly to review all issues relating to performance, quality and finance relating to the service.  

Day hospital at St Johns Therapy Centre

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Day Hospital offers an interim facility between acute and primary care settings for people over 65 years, resident in London Borough of Wandsworth who need at least 2 disciplines’ intervention. Referral can be made by a health professional from SGH and other NHS Trusts, CSW and other PCTs using the …

Medical team

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