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Changes to Phlebotomy services ‘Walk in’ phlebotomy tests for patients referred by their GPs will no longer be provided at St George’s Hospital in Tooting from 31 October 2016. We need to reduce footfall and the number of clinics in the Lanesborough Wing at St George’s Hospital. This is because …

Emergency Department (A&E)

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St George’s Hospital’s busy, modern Emergency Department provides a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year, and sees around 150,000 patients.

Wheelchair services, including rehabilitation engineering

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital | Updated 13 Aug 2018

The service provides wheelchairs, buggies, pressure distributing cushions and associated special seating for people of all ages with a permanent disability affecting their ability to walk. It is an ‘open access’ service and registered clients can contact therapists for information and advice as necessary. The Wheelchair Service based at Queen …


Services at Queen Mary's Hospital | Updated 20 Nov 2014

The Video-fluoroscopy Service (VFS) is a specialist service used for assessment, diagnosis and management of swallowing in a range of client populations where the suspected condition or disease process impacts on swallow function and may result in a risk of death, pneumonia, dehydration, malnutrition and psychological issues related to discomfort …

Special seating service

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital | Updated 2 Jan 2020

The Special seating service is for clients, both children and adults, with complex postural and mobility problems who are unable to maintain their position in a standard wheelchair or buggy. This is a regional service commissioned for clients in London, Surrey and West Sussex. What we offer: A multidisciplinary team …

Specialist spasticity management service

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital, St George's Hospital | Updated 21 Mar 2019

The Specialist Spasticity Management Service (SSMS) is a specialist service offering a comprehensive team approach for the management of spasticity. The objectives of the service are to provide the client, carer and referrer with a comprehensive assessment, advice and management of spasticity to minimise the long term effects and maximise …

Respiratory medicine

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital | Updated 18 Apr 2018

The respiratory team aim to provide a high quality, consultant led chest clinic. Services offered Diagnosis, treatment and management of respiratory illnesses, including TB, tumours, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. Facilities Specifically designed suite Bronchoscopies Respiratory function tests PACS X-ray CT scans Ultrasounds MRI

Podiatric surgery

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital | Updated 29 Jun 2018

Assessment and treatment of foot and ankle problems including injection therapy and surgery e.g. toe/foot deformity, hallux valgus (Bunions), Hallux rigidus, soft tissue lumps e.g. ganglions and neuromas. This service works very closely with the Community Podiatry team and other specialties.

Paediatric outpatients (QMH)

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital | Updated 17 Jan 2017

Outpatient children’s services offers a variety of paediatric medical and surgical clinics. Facilities Play area Paediatric phlebotomy On site diagnostic services (x-ray, cardiology)

Orthotics service

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital, St George's Hospital | Updated 25 Nov 2019

The orthotics department is based at Queen Mary’s hospital in Roehampton. The department has seen a lot of improvements and changes since it first opened more than 30 years ago. The Orthotic Clinical Service aims to provide a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient orthotic service to aid movement, correct deformity and …