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Our partner institution, the Royal Marsden Hospital, has been commissioned by NHS England to provide radiosurgery for brain metastasis. Suitability for radiosurgery will depend on characteristics of the tumour(s) identified on brain imaging as well as factors such as the prognosis of the patient and the overall stage of their primary cancer.

Stereotactic radiosurgery treatment is provided at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Fulham Road using a Cyberknife machine under the supervision of consultant neuro-oncologists; Dr Liam Welsh and Dr Nicola Rosenfelder.

Oncologists are invited to refer patients for consideration for treatment via the Stereotactic Radiosurgery MDT meeting which is hosted at St George’s Hospital every Friday at 09:30. Please complete, in full, a referral form which is available here and submit it by 10 AM on the day prior to the MDT by emailing it to:

stgh-tr.Neuro-Oncology@nhs.net and cyber.knife@nhs.net

The MDT coordinator is available (Mon-Fri, 9 to 5) on 0207 352 8171 ext 4882

Referral Pathway