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Patients with a first diagnosis of suspected brain tumour must be referred to the on call neurosurgery service as described below*.

All patients should be referred for discussion in the weekly Brain/CNS MDT meeting.

This is hosted via MS TEAMS each Friday from 08:00 to 10:00.

MDT referral process

A neuro-oncology MDT referral form must be completed by a Consultant/SpR or CNS for each patient, this is available online here.

This needs to then be emailed to neuro-oncologyMDT@stgeorges.nhs.uk before 3 PM on the Wednesday prior to the MDT.

The MDT coordinator is available during office hours via email or on 020 8725 3819 or 07831 165 455

Please ensure all relevant imaging is sent via Image Exchange Portal (IEP). If your case is urgent, please specify that the scans are transferred as ‘Clinical Emergency’ on IEP

Please ensure all scan reports are emailed along with the MDT referral form.

The outcome of each referred patient will be emailed to the address on the MDT form by 5pm on the Friday.

Owing to the number of cases discussed and to ensure clinical governance best practice, cases will only be discussed if:

  • The relevant imaging is sent by the referrer in advance of the meeting
  • The form is completed in full by an SpR/Consultant or CNS
  • The form is received in time
  • A specific question is presented to the MDT**

*Neurosurgery On call referral

All emergency neurosurgery referrals to St George’s Hospital are to be made electronically via a secure on-line web system www.referapatient.org

Please access this webpage and select the ‘make a referral’ button and fill out the necessary information and clinical details. Once submitted, the on-call neurosurgery doctor will be informed of the referral by text and will review and respond at the earliest opportunity. The response will be received as a pdf letter which will be emailed to the (secure) address provided by the referrer. If you have trouble opening the PDF document click here for troubleshooting advice. If you wish to speak to a doctor whilst completing a  referral, please contact St George’s Hospital switchboard on 020 8672 1255 and ask for the ‘On Call Neurosurgery Registrar’ or access their bleep (7242) via the automated bleep desk. They may be unable to answer immediately if they are taking another call so please wait for a reply.

It is our experience that the transfer of scans for review can take some time. We therefore recommend contacting PACS transfer teams or radiographers depending on local policy to send any relevant imaging at the earliest opportunity via the Image Exchange Portal (IEP). If your case is urgent then please specify that these scans should be transferred as a ‘Clinical Emergency‘.

**The MDT provides a specialist multidisciplinary opinion on treatment. The MDT is not an entity to take over the care of referred patients. The responsibility for disseminating the outcome of the meeting to the patient and the care of the patient remains the responsibility of the referrer unless stated otherwise in the MDT outcome