Gait laboratory and functional electrical stimulation (FES)

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital| Updated 12 Dec 2013

The Gait laboratory offers two clinical services: gait Analysis and functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). The Gait Analysis service provides a detailed analysis of walking to guide and support clinical interventions including neuro-rehabilitation, orthopaedic surgery, orthotics, prosthetics and spasticity management. The Gait Laboratory also undertakes assessment of upper limb function using …

Bader Gymnasium

Bader Gymnasium

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital| Updated 10 Oct 2019

The Bader Gym is a fully equipped gymnasium which has been designed for both disabled and able bodied people. Four fully qualified fitness instructors are available to advise and design personal fitness programmes to suit individual needs. What we offer: Clients can attend for general exercise programmes, or for management …

Day case unit

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital| Updated 3 Dec 2018

The day case unit provides a professional diagnostic service for upper and lower GI endoscopy, brochoscopy and cystoscopy. The unit also offers assessment and treatment for patients with long term chronic pain conditions, podiatric surgery, plastic surgery and ophthalmic surgery. The unit is staffed by a team of experienced endoscopy, …

Audiology at Queen Mary’s Hospital

Audiology at Queen Mary’s Hospital

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital| Updated 28 Mar 2019

Adult Direct Access and Hearing Aid Service This service is for the assessment of adults with hearing loss and for provision of hearing aids and rehabilitation support as required. Vestibular Assessment Vestibular assessments clinics are performed using computerised ENG and caloric testing. These assessments are completed in a dedicated, custom …

Assistive technology service

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital| Updated 13 Jun 2019

The Assistive Technology Service provides environmental control systems on loan that help to maintain and improve the independence and security of people with severe physical disability who have very limited upper limb and hand function.  The ability to control everyday equipment such as the phone, TV and lighting is provided …

Chemical pathology

Chemical pathology

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 15 May 2015

Chemical Pathology services at St George’s Hospital are now part of South West London Pathology which is a partnership set up by Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to provide a single, integrated pathology service across South West …



Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 21 Jul 2017

General x-ray is provided by five x-ray rooms. There is one dedicated Paediatric room. Adult and Paediatric Fluoroscopy is performed in a multipurpose room.

CT scanning

CT scanning

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 20 Nov 2014

A CT scan is an imaging investigation using rays.  It is performed on a specialised scanner which gives very detailed cross sectional images of the body.  This helps us to look at your body more accurately than is possible using ordinary X-rays. The scanner consists of a ‘doughnut shaped’ structure, …

Oxygen assessments

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 29 Nov 2013

A weekly outpatient service to assess supplemental oxygen requirement is run by specially trained senior nurses. Outpatient follow-up, domiciliary reviews and evaluation for portable oxygen devices are also undertaken. A separate weekly service to assess the need for and response to nebulised bronchodilator therapy, including the provision of a compressor …

Pulmonary hypertension service

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 27 Oct 2015 | Tags: hypertension pulmonary

The Pulmonary Hypertension Service at St George’s is developing rapidly. This service provides diagnosis, treatment, long term support and advice to patients with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) or suspected PH in collaboration with The Royal Brompton Hospital. How to get an appointment In order to arrange an appointment with us, you must …