Education and Training

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The Adult Critical Care service has many exciting training opportunities for all grades of clinician. The unit has created its own book of guidelines and recommendations. this can be downloaded here. Further information and resources for can be accessed and downloaded from the following site. I am about to start …

About Us

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The Adult Critical Care service is managed by the Adult Critical Care Directorate. The Directorate meets monthly to review all issues relating to performance, quality and finance relating to the service.  

Day hospital at St Johns Therapy Centre

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Day Hospital offers an interim facility between acute and primary care settings for people over 65 years, resident in London Borough of Wandsworth who need at least 2 disciplines’ intervention. Referral can be made by a health professional from SGH and other NHS Trusts, CSW and other PCTs using the …

Medical team

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Surgical Team

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Respiratory Outpatient Physiotherapy

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*we are currently running a virtual service* The Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy service offers individual one-to-one appointments; our aim is to encourage individuals to embrace a self-management strategy in order to best manage their condition. Treatments may include airway clearance techniques, breathing control exercises to normalize and maximize function, education, breathlessness …

Any Qualified Provider (AQP)

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What is the Any Qualified Provider scheme? The Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme means that for some conditions like neck and back pain, patients are now able to choose from a range of providers to deliver healthcare. All providers meet NHS standards. What does AQP mean for my neck or …

Treatments We Offer

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A treatment plan will be decided between you and your therapist in response to your assessment and goals. Treatments we may provide as part of a package of care may include: Education and advice It is very important for patients to understand what is causing their problems, and to be …

Your Visit

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Please come to the reception desk to check in. Bring appropriate clothing, as you may require to remove some clothing for your therapist to fully assess your problem e.g. vest top for neck or shoulder problems, or shorts for back/hip/leg problems Please bring documentation completed if sent to you via …

Trauma and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Trauma and Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

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Orthopaedic physiotherapy and occupational therapy specialises in the treatment of patients who are admitted to hospital due to a traumatic accident / incident or those undergoing planned surgery (elective). Who Can Benefit?  Trauma patients who have sustained lower limb fractures, upper limb fractures, spinal fractures and many other musculoskeletal and …