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Hearing Aid Masterclass

  • Are you afraid you’ll break your hearing aid trying to do a simple repair?
  • Would you like to learn more about repairing & maintaining your hearing aid(s) independently?

If so, then our Hearing Aid Masterclass is for you. This class is for patients and relatives alike to come and learn more about looking after their hearing aid(s).

What you can expect at the Masterclass

Groups will involve approximately 5 patients alongside their significant others. We encourage you to ask questions so this is a great opportunity to learn more about your hearing aids.

Sessions will last approximately 90 minutes and include topics such as:

  • What to expect from your hearing aid(s)
  • Inserting your hearing aid in your ear
  • How to identify what the problem is? (Troubleshooting)
  • Maintaining your hearing aid(s) yourself at home

If you would like more information, please ask an Audiologist at your next appointment.