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The National Deaf Children Society (NDCS) has a wide range of leaflets and information on childhood hearing impairment, including advice on education, benefits and support, additional disabilities, and different causes of hearing loss. More information and links to their leaflets is available on their website www.ndcs.org.uk which is free to join.

NDCS also has a website for young hearing impaired adults 12-18 years old: www.ndcsbuzz.org.uk

Links and apps you may find helpful

(Please note this list is for information only and parent discretion is recommended for use)


Hearing aid retention:



British Sign Langauge:


Baby sign:



iPad & iPhone apps:

  • The EAR ID app – app showing how ear works
  • My first apps (first sounds etc.) – app that helps with early language concepts of sorting, matching, shapes etc.
  • Touch.Learn – free app, you can add card and customise as per child’s needs
  • Model me going places – Good app to prepare your child in advance to go places (like to hospital, playground etc)
  • Minimal pair pack – app helping with Auditory discrimination
  • ARTIKPIX & PHONOFIX – App with flashcards which promote production of different phonemes
  • Sign it – app to learn basic British Sign Language signs
  • Sound Touch – free app, identify flash card based on the sounds played
  • Ling 6- sound – For Ling 6 – sounds detection and discrimination

Android apps:

  • Ling 6 sounds – For Ling 6 sounds detection and discrimination
  • WCC Ling sounds – For Ling 6 sounds detection and identification
  • Baby Touch Game – Touch the animals based on sounds
  • Sound Touch Lite (free app) & Sound Touch (paid app) – Identify flash card based on sounds played
  • Hear Coach – Listening games to identify played word out of choice of six and many more
  • New Hear Spell – Hear the word and spell it
  • Sign BSL – Learn basic British Sign Language
  • Petralex – To set the volume