Interventional Cardiology

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St George’s Hospital has one of the leading Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory’s in the United Kingdom.  We have a longstanding history of excellence in the management of coronary and valvular heart disease.  Our reputation for innovation dates back to the work of the pioneering physician, Dr. Aubrey Leatham, who established the …

Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression

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The South West London Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression (MSCC) Service is based at St George’s Hospital and provides a 24 hour advisory service and surgical management for the patients with MSCC.  The service serves south west London  and is part of the South West London and St Lukes Cancer Alliance (SLCA). …

Patient information leaflets

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Any Qualified Provider

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  What is the Any Qualified Provider scheme? The Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme means that for some conditions like neck and back pain, patients are now able to choose from a range of providers to deliver healthcare. All providers meet NHS standards. Any Qualified Provider is about empowering patients. …

The Team

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Who we are Our team of Physiotherapists is highly skilled with a broad range of experience. We are committed to giving you complete confidence in the treatment you receive. All our therapists are qualified in Physiotherapy and registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC). Some have a Masters Degree in …



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The team use a range of evidence-based research and clinical expertise to ensure your treatment is individually tailored and you achieve your maximum potential. Self-management strategies are vital to your rehabilitation, the approach taken by the team is to make you independent rather than dependent. Movement and exercise Physiotherapists use …

Outpatient Physiotherapy – Queen Mary’s

Outpatient Physiotherapy – Queen Mary’s

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The outpatient physiotherapy service is one of the largest physiotherapy providers in Roehampton, Putney and south west London offering extensive diagnostic and treatment facilities. The service treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal (muscles, bones & joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and soft tissues), women’s health and long-term conditions, such as diabetes …

Chaplaincy-Spiritual Care

Chaplaincy-Spiritual Care

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The Chaplaincy-Spiritual Care Team is here for everyone. We are a multi-faith, multi-denominational team who offer spiritual and religious care to patients, staff, visitors and volunteers. You do not have to think of yourself as ‘religious’ to make use of our service. Some people may value the opportunity to talk …

Children’s services

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St Georges Hospital has a long and proud history in providing specialist children’s services from the days of the Fountain Hospital. We currently provide an integrated mix of secondary care and specialist services to children of Wandsworth, Merton and South West London, Surrey and further afield. Our aim is to …

Paediatric diabetes and endocrinology

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St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust treats children and adolescents for growth, endocrine and diabetes problems. The endocrine service sees both local and regional patients either at St George’s or at peripheral outreach clinics. The paediatric diabetes service has been compliant with the Paediatric Diabetes Best Practice Tariff from 1st October …