Colorectal surgery

Services at St George's Hospital, St John's Therapy Centre| Updated 20 Jul 2018

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Bariatric surgery

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 12 Jul 2019

The Bariatric Service (Weight Loss Surgery) at St George’s Hospital has been established for over 40 years. We have gained considerable experience and moved with the times regarding new and improved approaches to managing obesity and weight related health problems. St George’s Hospital Multidisciplinary Bariatric Team (MDT) provides a comprehensive …



Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 11 Feb 2020 | Tags: anaesthesia anaesthetics st george's hospital

St George’s Hospital is one of London’s leading teaching hospitals and one of four Major Trauma Centres in the capital. The anaesthetic department has over 100 consultants  providing expertise in a wide variety of anaesthetic subspecialties. We also have over 60 trainees from the St George’s School of Anaesthesia and fellows who …

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

Services at | Updated 29 Jan 2019 | Tags: hand hand management unit hand therapy hand trauma occupational therapy physiotherapy

The Hand Therapy team is part of the Regional Hand Unit at St Georges Hospital and consists of specialist Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Team members work generically to manage patients with a variety of hand injuries and acquired conditions.  The team works within the therapies department in St James’ wing, …

Hand Unit

Hand Unit

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 18 Oct 2019 | Tags: hand hand management unit hand therapy hand trauma hand unit plastic surgery plastics

What we do Based at St George’s Hospital, we are a consultant-led unit with a patient-centred and multi-disciplinary approach to helping people manage their hand and wrist problems. The team consists of six plastics hand consultants and two orthopaedic hand consultants. They are supported by a nursing team including an …

Breast Service at The Rose Centre

Breast Service at The Rose Centre

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 21 Oct 2014

The Breast Service at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is based predominantly at the Rose Centre building which provides a comprehensive service for patients which includes initial consultation and diagnostic services in the same location as well as providing a one-stop service. St George’s Healthcare has three consultant …

Inpatient Pain Team – Frequently Asked Questions

Services at | Updated 10 Feb 2015

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Preparing For Your Operation Managing Pain After Your Operation Preparing  For Your Operation How much pain should I expect? Which pain medicines will I be given? Do they have side effects? I don’t like to take too many medicines. Why should I take pain medicines? I’ve …

Research on the Neonatal unit

Services at | Updated 10 Apr 2014 | Tags: baby neonatal unit newborn Research

The neonatal unit at St George’s is actively involved in research, and we are pleased to be able to offer parents the chance to participate in a number of exciting research studies aiming to improve care in sick newborn babies. A member of the clinical team may approach you to ask …

Speech & language therapy (children’s)

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital, St John's Therapy Centre, Tooting Health Centre| Updated 4 Feb 2020 | Tags: children's language children's speech talking

We are a team of Speech and Language Therapists and assistants who provide a child and family centred approach. We work directly with families and indirectly by working closely with our partner services in Health, Education and Social Care. We contribute our expert knowledge of communication, speech, language, and feeding …

Pain, Inpatient

Pain, Inpatient

Services at St George's Hospital| Updated 14 Jun 2018 | Tags: acute pain analgesia inpatient pain

We are a highly specialised team of doctors and nurses whose aim is to ensure that patients at St George’s get the safest and most appropriate  pain relief during their admission. This is particularly important for patients with complex pain problems. Our objective is to reduce the severity of post-operative, …