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There are two Hologic DXA scanners situated within the Rheumatology department, Clinic C (Lanesborough Wing) and in the Sir Joseph Hotung Centre, with three full time DXA Technicians performing the scans. Patients are advised to limit the amount of metal on their clothing to prevent any artefacts on the imaging, however a gown can be provided.

Additionally a Bone Health Questionnaire, identifying individual risk factors, which is sent to patients alongside their appointment letter, will be discussed prior to their scan. After the scan a comprehensive DXA report will be issued to the referring clinician and further referrals can be made to both the Falls Assessment Clinic and the Quit Smoking Team, available at the patient’s choice.

To refer a patient for a DXA scan please fill the attached form and email it via to our updated email account: sgh.dexascans@stgeorges.nhs.uk   Upon receiving referrals it takes six weeks to appoint receive a DXA scan appointment (it may be sooner).

Upon receiving referrals it takes six weeks to receive a DEXA scan appointment (it may be sooner).  Bone Densitometry DEXA Referral Form.