Trust Freedom Information Publication Scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, every public authority has a duty to specify what information they publish, how the information is made available and whether it is free or if there is a charge.

Our publication scheme explains what information we provide to the public. Wherever possible, we will make it easy for you to access. The information is provided in a set format, classed into the eight categories below.

Current interest areas

  1. Our response to Coronavirus (Covid-19), key statistics, patient information:-
  • Trust Board Papers (information and reports considered by Trust Board with updates in the Chief Executive’s report and the Integrated Quality and Performance Reports)
  • Board Meeting Minutes (discussions and/or decision from Trust Board)
  • General Patient Information (information accessing our services)
  • Services (individual service information on Covid-19)
  • Key Statistics (national statistics provided by the Government – NHS trusts only providing nationally available information)
  • Weekly data on our patients (numbers of Covid patients in the Trust and those who have passed away)
  • Employee Relations (included in the Trust Board’s monthly Integrated Quality Performance Report)
  • Staff Covid-19 Risk Assessment  (included in the Trust Board’s monthly Integrated Quality Performance Report)
  • Staff Stability Index  (included in the Trust Board’s monthly Integrated Quality Performance Report)

Who we are and what we do

Services we offer

What we spend and how we spend it

What our priorities are and how we are doing

  1. Our key publications and the Brief – Publications
  2. Our five year strategy and supporting strategies – Our Strategy (2019-2024)
  3. Our overall performance: Trust Board Papers and Annual Report
  1. Our full range of operational (clinical and non-clinical) targets and key performance indicators – Trust Board Papers (integrated quality and performance reports)
  2. Our quality and safety performance:-

How we make decisions

  1. Our board agenda, supporting papers and minutes: Trust Board Papers and Council Meeting Papers
  2. Our assurance Board Committees reports (quality and safety, workforce and education and audit): Trust Board Papers
  3. Our public consultations (for example concerning closures/variations of services):
  1. Our framework for decision making:

How we engage with our local communities

Registers, policies and procedures

  • Specific policies and procedures are available on request. Electronic copies are free of charge. To request a policy or procedure which is not available under our Publication Scheme, please complete the FOI Request Form.
  • Board and staff declarations of interests, gifts and hospitality etc. – see our Declare
  • For any other lists or registers please email our Freedom of Information via the FOI Request Form or you can write to 1st Floor, Grosvenor Wing, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Blackshaw Road, London, SW17 0QT