St George’s Kidney Patients Association

We are a charitable organisation made up of and trying to improve the lives and facilities offered to St George’s Hospital Trust Renal patients.

The main things we do are:

  • Raise money for the renal unit by organising events.
  • Work closely with the staff making suggestions, taking up complaints on behalf of patients and improving communications.
  • Take part in discussions on future policy and plans with various management boards of the Trust and the wider NHS outside the hospital.
  • Fund vital equipment for the staff to work with, without which we would fall behind other hospitals.

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Purchases we have made to improve your stay at St George’s include:

For clinics:

  • Air conditioning units in clinical areas
  • Body Composition Monitor (BCM) – a device that can identify the amount of (excess) fluid a patient is “carrying”
  • Refurbishment of the relatives room and day room on Buckland Ward
  • Ice machine for Buckland Ward for the summer months.

For wards:

  • Bladder scanners for Buckland Ward
  • Funding free television for all beds which would usually cost patients £3 per day on:
  • – Buckland Ward
    – Buckland Acute Dialysis ward
    – Knightsbridge Dialysis ward

  • Bed curtains
  • Dialysis chairs

For transplant operations:

  • Immunoadsorption machine to allow ABO incompatible transplants to take place
  • Laparascopic stack to enable key hole surgery for donor nephrectomy
  • Transonic ultrasound machine for vascular access monitoring
  • Omnitract device for removing donor kidneys and transplantation
  • Lifeport machines to preserve kidneys.

Getting Involved

If you are kidney patient at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, you are automatically a member of the Patients Association – no membership forms to fill in, no subscription to pay!

The SGKPA is organised by its committee, a merry band of volunteers who want to improve life for the kidney patients at St George’s. Currently there are just a few people involved with the SGKPA at a very busy time.

We are looking for people who are willing to take on an active role in the Association. It could be organising the newsletter, helping to organise a fund-raising event – however big or small, contributing an article for the newsletter or website, representing kidney patients in various ways in the hospital or supporting the administration of the SGKPA.

To get involved, call our Chair, Chris Eliot send an email to the secretary or write to the SGKPA

For all these contact details click here

We would love to hear from you and would welcome your contribution, however small.

Making a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to the St George’s Kidney Patients Association you can either:

send a cheque to

St George’s Kidney Patients Association,
c/o The Chairman, Chris Eliot
11 Dover Park Drive,
SW15 5BT

or click here to visit our page to donate by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Note: Just Giving deduct a 5% charge, VAT and card charges meaning that if you qualify for Gift Aid, nearly £12.00 of a £10 donation will be received by us.

You can also set up your own fundraising page for St Georges KPA on Just Giving.

Note: If you are paying by cheque and wish us to claim a 25% Gift Aid tax rebate then please also provide these details. Thank you.