The Neurosciences Research Foundation

The purpose of the NEUROSCIENCES RESEARCH FOUNDATION is to help our many patients, suffering from diseases which are often terrible. The central nervous system is immensely complex and our scientific understanding of its diseases is often very limited. Too many diseases of the brain and spinal cord are still untreatable and any progress in finding effective treatment depends on medical research.

The Neurosciences Research Foundation was set up thirty years ago to help continue the research into diseases of the brain and spinal cord at Atkinson Morley’s Hospital for which the hospital was famous. The Nobel laureate Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, for instance, had developed CT brain scanning there in 1972 – a world first that transformed medicine. Atkinson Morley’s Hospital was closed in 2003 and the neuroscience services transferred to St. George’s Hospital, where we have continued to carry out ground-breaking research, with work on spinal cord injuries, molecular biochemistry and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease.


How you can help

Your donation will help us to develop new life enhancing treatments for patients at St George’s.  Visit the NEUROSCIENCES RESEARCH FOUNDATION website for more details.