First Touch

First Touch is the neonatal charity for St George’s Hospital, funding vital medical equipment, specialist nurse training and a welfare scheme for families on the neonatal unit (NNU).

The charity have recruited ‘ambassadors’ in Tooting, Balham, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Raynes Park and Colliers Wood to raise the profile of the charity, and will be looking to recruit more in the coming months.

First Touch also gained national attention in May when two of its patrons, actress Martine McCutcheon and her fiancé Jack McManus, won £30,000 for the charity as part of their appearance on ITV game show All Star Family Fortunes.

During the year 2012/13 First Touch funding initiatives have included:

  • £21,000 for a family-centred coordinator post
  • £75,000 for three ventilators
  • £15,000 for a breast milk pasteuriser
  • £400 for Christmas stockings for babies on the neonatal unit

Make a donation

To donate to First Touch please visit their Just Giving: First Touch

To give you an idea of how the money is spent, below is a list of some of the vital equipment we provide with the help of our supporters:

Equipment Costs

Ventilator £25,000
Transport Incubator £36,000
Incubator £15,000 – £30,000
Monitor £12,000
Asena intravenous pump £1,400
Specialist cots £1,300
Apnoea monitor £600
Breastfeeding chairs £350
Developmental items £50 each
Christmas stocking for a baby on the NNU £10