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The Institute has developed a multidisciplinary service for the management of lower limb occlusive disease. Endovascular techniques have become the mainstay for severe lower limb vascular disease, though major bypass surgery is still occasionally required.

If intervention is required, investigations including non-invasive imaging are performed on a ‘one-stop’ basis, preventing delay to treatment. We have a close working relationship with colleagues in the Dermatology Department who have a national reputation for the management of lymphoedema and leg ulceration. There are a proportion of patients with a lymphoedema and concomitant venous disease which exacerbates lower limb swelling. We have a particular interest in the management of this problem, providing minimally invasive endovenous treatment of the venous component, in combination with detailed investigation and assessment of the lymphatic component. We also have an interest in the endovenous management of vascular malformations.