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The ENT department at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust serves the population of south-west London and surrounding boroughs, and is one of the largest ENT departments in the UK.  It is the regional tertiary referral centre for specialist ENT surgery. We aim to provide world-class care for patients with both common and complex ENT conditions. The surgical team works closely in partnership with other healthcare professionals. The department offers a comprehensive range of elective (non-emergency) ENT and head and neck services, including the treatment of ENT emergencies.

The ENT department comprises seventeen Consultant Surgeons, four senior surgical Fellows, six Specialty Registrars and other doctors in training. It is the hub of a network of local NHS Trusts: our team works within and alongside the ENT departments at Kingston, St Helier, Epsom and Croydon University hospitals. Patients from these hospitals may come to St George’s for more complex surgery. The ENT department also provides emergency cover to the region.

ENT surgery encompasses disorders of the ears, nose (including sinuses), throat, airway, and cancers of the head and neck region.  Services are provided for adults and children on an inpatient or day-case basis.  A list of the sub-specialty services provided at St. George’s and of our Consultant team is below.