Consultant Paediatric ENT Surgeon


Secretary: Stacey Boyer
Secretary email:
Secretary telephone: 020 8725 2050

Clinical interests

Mr Daya specialises in all aspects of ENT surgery for children, with particular interests in middle ear and neck disease.

Professional profile

Mr Hamid Daya qualified in 1988 from the Universities of St. Andrews and Manchester.

Fellowship in Paediatric ENT at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to his professional career as an ENT Surgeon, Mr Hamid Daya has a particular interest in the promotion of ENT care in the developing world and has travelled to many different countries including Ghana, Tanzania and Cambodia on research and surgical trips. He has been on the Board of Directors for “Sound Seekers”, a charity that supports the needs of deaf children in the developing countries.

Selected publications

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