On this page:

On this page you will find links to patient information leaflets, which help explain more about common ENT conditions and operations.

There are also links below to useful organisations and resources for patients with ENT conditions.

Patient information leaflets

Otology (ear problems)

How to use ear drops
Grommet insertion
Subtotal petrosectomy and blind sac closure

Rhinology (nose problems)
Endoscopic sinus surgery
How to use nasal sprays

Head and neck surgery and cancer
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Paediatric (children’s) ENT
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Useful links

The links below are to useful websites that support patients with ENT conditions.  Please note that SGUH is not responsible for the content of any external websites and does not endorse any commercial product that may be referred to.

ENT-UK – The national professional membership body for ENT surgeons.  The website contains a useful Patient Information section.

Otology (ear problems)

British Deaf Association
Action on Hearing Loss
National Deaf Children’s Society
British Cochlear Implant Group
British Tinnitus Association
Ménière’s Society

Rhinology (nose problems)

EUFOREA Patient Platform – patient information about sinus disease and allergy
Asthma UK guidance on nasal spray technique
Allergy UK page on allergic rhinitis and hayfever
Fifth Sense – a charity supporting patients with smell and taste disorders
AbScent – contains guidance on smell training

Head and neck surgery and cancer

Macmillan Cancer Support – information and support for patients with head and neck cancer and their families
Head and Neck Cancer UK
British Thyroid Foundation – information about thyroid cancer
Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust – charity that supports patients with thyroid cancer
National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs – offers support to patients who have had an operation to remove their larynx (voice-box)

Making Meals Make Sense – a guide to eating well and a cookbook for people following head and neck cancer treatment