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The Dermatology unit at St George’s Hospital is a very active department, seeing over 40,000 patients a year and providing general and specialist dermatology care to patients in Wandsworth and the surrounding boroughs.  We run clinics at St. George’s Hospital, the Nelson, Queen Mary’s Hospital Roehampton and at various GP practices in Wandsworth.

The department is led by 13 Consultant Dermatologists, as well as a team of 5 specialist registrars, associate specialists, clinical fellows, an overseas registrar and highly skilled specialist nurses.

Consultant Staff

Dr Victoria Akhras (Clinical Lead, Melanoma Lead) 8 sessions
Dr Kristiana Gordon (Lymphoedema Lead)9 sessions
Professor Peter Mortimer2 sessions (and 3 SGUL sessions)
Dr Alya Abdul-Wahab (Paediatric Dermatology Lead)8 sessions
Dr Lucy Ostlere
1.5 sessions
Dr Allan Marsden
2 sessions
Dr Samantha Keegan
(Teledermatology Lead)
7 sessions
Dr Venura Samarasinghe (Skin Cancer Lead)9 sessions
Dr Ruth Lamb (Psoriasis and Biologics lead, Governance Lead)10 sessions
Dr Imran Khan10 sessions
Dr Charlotte Fleming10 sessions
Dr Leila Ferguson7.5 sessions

Associate Specialist

Associate Consultant
Dr Nazish Mansoor 10 sessions

Dermatology Clinical Fellow

Dr Bernard Ho

Nursing Team

Nursing Team Queen Mary’s Hospital

  • Elizabeth Osuji
  • Clare Tattersall
  • Lesley Drakes
  • Cristina Carillo Molina
  • Nina Chua Deriu

Nursing Team St George’s Hospital

  • Shirley Nunes Le-Blanc
  • Angelina Myagkaya
  • Sara Marcis
  • Judith Carey
  • Wendy Ferns
  • Lesley Vavoulas
  • Michelle Johnson
  • Carolyn Goulborne
  • Kim Turner

Service Managers (SGH)
Katherine Hill and Anetta Gobala Krishnan

Service Manager (QMH)
Katie Beers

Administrative support

Consultant secretaries SGH
Vicky Jackson
Ami Larner
Barbara Yeboah
Helen Christoforides
Telephone: 0208 7252500
Fax: 0208 7253297

Consultant secretaries QMH
Joy Williams
Rosemary Ernandez
Monika Paszko
Telephone:020 8487 6568

In-patient care

The Dermatology unit at St. George’s Hospital University NHS Trust does not accept inpatients solely under their care, but any patients admitted to the hospitals within this trust will have access to joint care and regular reviews within the service.

Out-patient care

The department is mainly outpatient led. It is a tertiary referral centre for skin cancer, psoriasis, vulval dermatoses, paediatric allergy, lymphoedema, connective tissue disease and hair and nail problems. A full list of specialist clinics undertaken in the Dermatology department at St George’s is as follows:

Consultant led services   

  • Daily emergency walk-in clinic, for referred patients.
  • A weekly rapid referral skin cancer clinic for patients with suspected melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer – the Skin Cancer Screening Clinic (Dr A Marsden/ Dr V Samarasinghe/Dr Khan/ Dr Keegan/ Dr V Akhras).
  • A fortnightly joint Plastic/Radiotherapy/Dermatology Clinic for patients with diagnosed non melanoma skin cancer (Prof B Powell, Miss J Odili, Dr V Akhras,
  • Dr A Marsden, Dr Samarasinghe, Dr S Lalondrelle).
  • The weekly Joint Melanoma Clinic for patients with an established diagnosis of malignant melanoma (Dr V Akhras, Prof B Powell, Prof A Dalgleish, Dr A Fusi, Miss J Odili).
  • Weekly clinic for Transplant patients (Dr S Keegan)
  • Weekly Paediatric skin clinic (Dr Abdul-Wahab)
  • Weekly Adolescent clinic (Dr Abdul-Wahab)
  • Combined Paediatric Allergy/ Dermatology clinic (Dr A Woods)
  • Combined Rheumatology/Dermatology clinic (Dr V Akhras)
  • Community clinics
  • National Tertiary Lymphoedema Referral Clinics – (Professor P Mortimer/ Dr K Gordon).
  • Photodynamic Therapy Clinic – (Dr L Ostlere).
  • Diphencyprone clinic (monthly – Dr V Akhras/Dr I Khan)
  • Weekly Contact Clinic for patients with contact dermatitis – (Dr L Ostlere/Dr I Khan).
  • Special Interest Clinic (monthly – chaired by Professor P Mortimer)
  • Weekly Severe Psoriasis / Biologics clinic (Dr R Lamb)
  • Complex surgical list (Dr V Samarasinghe)

Nurse led services

  • Weekly Acne clinics
  • Minor operations
  • Systemic drug monitoring clinic
  • DCP/ wart clinic
  • Adult and paediatric skin education
  • Day unit procedures (Photodynamic therapy, TLO1 phototherapy, Iontophoresis,
  • Patch testing)
  • Botox for axillary hyperhidrosis

Dermatology Trust Pathways


As an Academic Unit within university teaching hospital, we often have medical students within our clinics, so please bear this in mind when attending appointments.

Dermatology offices

Ground floor Lanesborough Wing by the entrance

Dermatology Adult Clinics

Ground floor Lanesborough outpatient department, clinic B

Dermatology Paediatric clinics

Ground floor Lanesborough outpatient department, Dragon centre

Melanoma clinic

Rose Centre at St George’s Hospital