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The Dermatology Department at St George’s is situated on the ground floor of Lanesborough wing, in clinic B where Dermatology and Lymphoedema clinics (see below) take place.

The Dermatology Department is for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with skin complaints. In addition to general dermatology clinics, where the majority of patients will be seen, the Department also provides a number of specialist and tertiary clinics.

Skin Cancer

The skin cancer and melanoma service at St George’s Hospital covers a large catchment area including South West London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and West Sussex. We are a leading centre for delivering sentinel node biopsy. The skin cancer screening clinic is one of the busiest in London. The department also runs a multidisciplinary clinic with colleagues from Plastic Surgery and Radio-Oncology for patients with non-melanoma skin cancers.

Specialist Clinics

  • Emergency clinic: for patients referred urgently by their GP.
  • Skin Cancer Screening Clinic: (Dr Marsden/ Dr Akhras/ Dr Samarasinghe).
  • Plastic/Radiotherapy/Dermatology Clinic for patients with diagnosed non melanoma skin cancer (Mr Powell, Mrs Odili, Dr Akhras).
  • Melanoma Clinic for patients with an established diagnosis of malignant melanoma (Dr Akhras, Mr Powell, Prof Dalgleish).
  • Severe psoriasis clinic (Dr Lamb, Mr Baksh)
  • Surveillance clinic for transplant patients (Dr Singh)
  • Paediatric dermatology clinic (Dr Gilaberte)
  • Adolescent clinic (Dr Gilaberte)
  • Combined Genetics/Dermatology clinic (Dr Gilaberte)
  • Combined Rheumatology/Dermatology clinic (Dr Akhras/ Dr Kaul)
  • Photodynamic Therapy Clinic (Dr Ostlere).
  • Diphencyprone clinic (Dr Akhras)
  • Contact Allergy Clinic for patients with contact dermatitis (Dr Ostlere).
  • Monitoring clinic for patients receiving systemic medications
  • Vulval Dermatology Clinic (Dr Soo)
  • Complex skin surgery (Dr Samarasinghe)

The following nurse led clinics are also undertaken in our Department by our dedicated team of Dermatology Clinical Nurse Specialists:

  • Acne clinics
  • Minor ops
  • Psoriasis drug monitoring clinic
  • DCP/ wart clinic
  • Day unit procedures (Photodynamic therapy, Phototherapy, Iontophoresis, Patch testing)