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This is a tertiary referral national service providing expert assessment, diagnosis, treatment and continued support for those with lymphoedema. Patients with lymphoedema of all causes are treated, including primary lymphoedema (adults and children), and secondary to other problems (e.g. cancer-related lymphoedema, chronic venous oedema, lipoedema). The aim is to restore people with lymphoedema to as high a level of independence as is possible within the limits of their capabilities. Since lymphoedema is a chronic condition, the need to provide ongoing support is acknowledged.

The service also acts as a centre of excellence, providing advice and support to other lymphoedema services and health care professionals around the country and internationally. There is a strong link with the genetics and research department, in order to further knowledge and understanding of this condition.

Services Offered:


  • Primary lymphoedema (genetic/inherited types, and lymphovascular malformations)
  • Secondary lymphoedema
  • Rapid access appointments for patients with cancer-related lymphoedema
  • Complications of lymphoedema e.g. recurrent cellulitis
  • Lipoedema & lipodystrophy

 Diagnostic Investigations:

  • Lymphoscintigraphy
  • Genetic screening
  • Research investigations (MR Lymphangiography (MRL), ICG lymphography)

Day Case Management:

  • Education and skin care advice for patients with lymphoedema
  • Intensive treatment with compression bandaging
  • Compression hosiery

Inpatient Management (dependent on CCG funding):

  • Intensive treatment with daily manual lymphatic drainage & compression bandaging.
  • Liposuction in combination with intensive postoperative lymphoedema care (currently only available for patients with lymphoedema i.e. not available for lipoedema).