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NOTE: Genetic testing is ALWAYS most informative in an individual affected with cancer. Please refer affected individuals to our service over their unaffected relatives wherever possible

Please use our referral guidelines when assessing referral to our service. Please use our referral form where possible:

Breast and ovarian



Referrals for RAPID BRCA testing should be made via our RAPID form and emailed to Cancergenetics.stg@nhs.net

In addition, other cancer diagnoses may be associated with an inherited predisposition to cancer and may be appropriate for referral: Other tumour referral critieria (Pdf) (PDF)

Please also consider referring:

  • families with childhood cancers (solid tumours), particularly if there are  other cancer diagnoses in the family
  • Or any family with more cases of cancer than expected, particularly if occurring at young ages

The following information is essential to include with any referral

Referral for assessment or diagnostic testing:

  • Is patient affected with cancer
  • Type of cancer in patient or affected relatives
  • Age at diagnosis of all affected relatives
  • Number of relatives and degree of relatedness (first degree, second degree)
  • Ashkenazi Jewish/Polish ancestry

Referral for predictive testing

  • Information about gene carrier relative: name, DOB, gene with mutation, genetic centre tested in

Digital Family History Questionnaire: fhqs.org

We have developed an online version of the paper family history questionnaire. You patient can log in and create an account using their NHS number. The family history can then be entered by the patient in their own time. The form can be saved while information is gathered from the family. Once submitted, we will assess the family history only if a referral is also received.

For patients unable to complete the online version, the paper questionnaire can still be used.

Genetic testing will only be offered to individuals meeting National Genomic Medicine Service Eligibility Criteria. Individuals who are not eligible for testing may still be eligible for increased screening.

Patients will normally receive the screening recommendation following assessment of the family by our service, but they are available below for reference

Please note this list is not comprehensive. We are happy to receive requests for advice about referrals through our dedicated email service:

cancergenetics.stg@nhs.net or by contacting the dedicated Cancer Genetics phone line on 020 8725 5333 or 07787 843 070