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The South West Thames Regional Genetic Services at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides a specialist service to people living in South West London, Surrey, and West Sussex.

The clinical genetics service comprises a team of clinical staff, including consultant geneticists, genetic counsellors, and specialist registrars. In addition, our accredited genetics laboratory offers a broad range of both molecular and cytogentic tests.

The service offers specialist genetic advice, diagnosis, and counselling to families and individuals who have or might be at risk of developing inherited disorders, including cancer. This includes giving advice regarding the availability of carrier screening and prenatal testing techniques.

  • The Department provides care for patients at the site most convenient for them; 60 per cent of patients are seen at a clinic local to their home. Clinic appointments are held at St George’s Hospital and at 17 other hospitals within the region.
  • The department also provides a number of highly specialised, disease specific clinics, including two nationally recognised services: Tuberous Sclerosis clinic and the Primary Lymphoedema. Further regional specialist clinics include those for patients with endocrine and growth disorders, paediatric conditions, and neurodegenerative disease.
  • The department is a lead training centre for specialist registrars, genetic counsellors, and clinical scientists. It also provides advice and training for GPs and other health professionals about inherited disorders.
  • The Genetics Laboratory is fully accredited and a member of the UK Genetic Map of SW Thames Clinical Genetics Referral RegionTesting Network. It provides a comprehensive service for the investigation of genetic conditions by analysis of chromosomes and DNA. These investigations include array-CGH analysis, classical karyotyping, and DNA sequencing for a number of specific diseases and chromosome abnormalities.

Clinical Staff

  • Dr Frances Elmslie & Dr Meriel McEntagart — Joint Care Group Leads
  • Dr Nayana Lahiri – Clinical Lead
  • Dr Helen Hanson and Dr Katie Snape – Joint Cancer Genetics Leads
  • Ms Kelly Kohut – Lead  Genetic Counsellor
  • Kelly Arnold – Assistant Service Manager