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There are more than 1,000 outpatient clinics at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust each week where patients see doctors or specialist nurses for assessment, diagnosis, advice or treatment. The Trust has a centralised Outpatient Clinic Service which manages appointments on behalf of the majority of the Trust’s clinical services.

Need to change or cancel your outpatient appointment?

You can change or cancel your appointment at St George’s Hospital online via our appointment amendment form

When a GP refers a patient to the hospital, this request is received by the Central Booking Service which logs the referral and ensures all the necessary information is there for the clinical services to decide which clinic a patient should attend. The letter inviting a patient to book an appointment at the relevant clinic and the letter confirming the appointment time are sent out by Outpatient Clinic Service along with a patient information leaflet.

The Outpatient Clinic Service also coordinates the provision of nurses to support the clinics and ensures that a patient’s medical records, referral letter, test results and other relevant information are at the clinic.


Clinics are held in a number of different locations across the hospital. The letter confirming an outpatient appointment should include details of which wing of the hospital to go to.

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