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When a GP refers a patient to the hospital, this request is received by the Central Booking Service which logs the referral and ensures all the necessary information is there for the clinical services to decide which clinic a patient should attend. The letter inviting a patient to book an appointment at the relevant clinic and the letter confirming the appointment time are sent out by Outpatient Clinic Service.

New Patient

Your referral from your GP will be received by our Central Booking Service who will get the referral triaged by the relevant clinical services to assess which clinic and when the you should attend. An appointment letter will then be sent out to you confirming the date and time of the appointment.

Choose and Book

Your GP will be able to book your appointment directly into a clinic slot during your GP appointment. If these

If you are coming in for an Outpatient appointment, you may find it helpful to read through the guide to outpatients on this site. It details the location of various St George’s Outpatients clinics.

What to Expect at your Outpatients Appointment:

Checking in for your Outpatient Appointment:

You can use the self-check-in booths in some clinic areas, so you don’t have to queue at reception. You can also change your personal details at these booths. If you have any queries, or problems checking in at the booths, please ask our receptionist or volunteers for help..

How long will I have to wait?

  • Please allow at least two hours for your appointment.
  • You might need to an X-ray or other tests afterwards. We will try to arrange these on the same day, so you may need to wait longer.
  • Please tell the receptionist if you need to leave before you have your tests so they can be rescheduled.
  • We strive to see people at the given appointment time, but sometimes your appointment may be delayed. We are sorry if this causes problems but sometimes our staff face urgent or complex issues that can cause overruns

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Smoking On-site

St George’s Hospital is a smoke free site. This means smoking is not allowed anywhere in our hospital buildings, car parks and grounds. This includes all tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping devices.