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We diagnose and provide the highest standards of care and treatment to patients with every type of brain or spinal tumour.  Services are provided in the Atkinson Morley Wing at St George’s Hospital for patients from across London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

All cases are discussed in the weekly neuro-oncology multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting. The meeting is attended by neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, neurologists and neuroradiologists from Atkinson Morley, neuro-oncologists from the Royal Marsden and St. Luke’s Hospital, as well as specialist oncology nurses. Our surgeons use all of the latest techniques for tumour treatment e.g. gliolan to maximise glioblastoma resection.

For pituitary tumours, the meeting is also attended by endocrinologists and Ear Nose Throat surgeons. There are other MDT meetings for paediatric brain tumours that also involve paediatric neuro-oncologists and for skull-based tumours that also involve ENT surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons.

There are sub-specialist services for:

  • Acoustic neuromas (Andrew Martin, Parag Patel and  Pawan Minhas)
  • Awake cranial surgery (Andrew Martin, Timothy Jones, Simon Stapleton, James Laban)
  • Gliolan assisted resection of malignant brain tumours (Andrew Martin, Timothy Jones, Simon Stapleton, James Laban)
  • Endoscopic resection of pituitary tumours (Andrew Martin, Simon Stapleton, Parag Patel)
  • Skull base tumours (Andrew Martin, Simon Stapleton, Parag Patel, Helen Witherow)
  • Paediatric brain tumours (Andrew Martin, Simon Stapleton)
  • Low-grade glioma: Timothy Jones, Simon Stapleton and Frank Saran run a dedicated low grade glioma clinic.

Our clinical nurse specialists offer round-the-clock support to patients and their families and carers during diagnosis and treatment, and after discharge.  Counselling services are also provided for patients, families and carers.

Mortality data

Consultant outcome publication (COP) is an NHS England initiative to increase transparency within the NHS and to provide the public with information on surgical outcomes. The Neurosurgical National Audit Programme (NNAP) has been mandated by NHS England to publish activity and mortality data for all neurosurgery units and consultant neurosurgeons practising in England.

The newly published mortality data shows that the St George's Hospital neurosurgery unit has a lower than expected mortality rate.  You can read the NNAP report on St George's and compare our performance with other neurosurgery units on the Neurosurgical National Audit Programme website.

Consultant Outcome Publication 2014

Read the mortality data and outcome report for each of our consultant neurosurgeons: