Consultant Neurologist and Epilepsy Specialist

Dr Caruana Galizia studied medicine at the University of Malta, where she continued her early medical training before pursuing formal training in Neurology in the UK. She undertook research at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and was awarded a PhD in 2017 for her thesis on pharmacogenetics in epilepsy. She joined the Neurology Department at St George’s Hospital in 2017 where she works as a Neurology Consultant with a specialist interest in Epilepsy.

Dr Caruana Galizia’s areas of interest include epilepsy genetics and autoimmune encephalitis. She is research lead for the Epilepsy Group at St George’s Hospital, growing the clinical trials portfolio for the group. She is a member of the Neuro-Oncology multidisciplinary team . Apart from her clinical role Dr Caruana Galizia is IT lead for Neurosciences at St George’s Hospital and co-ordinates the weekly Regional South West London Neuroscience Clinical-academic meeting.

Dr Caruana Galizia is a Consultant Neurologist at St George's NHS Foundation Trust. She studied medicine at the University of Malta and was awarded a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London. She undertook her specialist training in neurology in Scotland and London.

Dr Caruana Galizia's clinical work includes assessing patients after a first seizure, treatment of established epilepsy, participating in the epilepsy surgery multidisciplinary team meeting and overseeing the running of the videotelemetry unit, as well as the care of in-patients on the tertiary neurology ward. Apart from her routine clinical work, Dr Caruana Galizia leads on clinical trials in epilepsy at St George's Hospital, is lead for IT in neurosciences working to improve processes and care through information technology, and runs the internal CPD program for the Neurosciences network for SW London.