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The hand therapy team is continuously participating in clinical audits, service development and research projects to further their contribution to hand therapy as a service.

The team is actively involved in supporting and promoting hand therapy at both a national and international level.

The team is involved with both London and South East Hand Therapy Interest Group, which works to promote hand therapy support and learning across London and the South East of England.

In addition, members of the team have presented at numerous conferences and workshops, both nationally and internationally.

See below for some of the recent achievements of the team.


November 2021

Angeliki Vervainioti is a highly specialised physiotherapists part of the St Georges hand therapy team. Angeliki already is a Greek Certified Hand Therapist and has now officially been recognised as a European Certified Hand Therapist. A European Certified Hand Therapist is a higher certification process that builds on national qualifications. It aims to recognise highly qualified hand therapy specialists across Europe.

The ECHT qualification was developed to recognize therapists who, in addition to achieving their own National certification, have shown an advanced level of competence, and have made a significant personal contribution to the field of Hand Therapy in general.

Angeliki had to put in a lot of effort to achieve this certification, we as a team are very proud of her!


October 2021

During the BAHT Conference 2021 ‘Back to Basics’ Megan Blakeway, the principal OT of the hand therapy team at St Georges, participated in a debate about the post-operative management for patients who have Dupuytren’s disease.

Megan Blakeway was tasked with arguing for post-operative splinting with these patients. She was able to draw on her extensive hand therapy experience and various published research to support her argument.

It was amazing to see one of our very own St Georges hand therapists participating and leading a debate and discussion at the 2021 BAHT Conference!


November 2020

As part of the BAHT Conference Series in 2020 – ‘Demystifying the Difficult’, Annie Capon & Megan Blakeway, members of the hand therapy team at St Georges Hospital, were invited to present the results of a clinical audit.

This audit was conducted by the hand therapy team around the conservative management of injuries to the central slip.

Megan and Annie presented an overview of a new clinical guidelines on approaching central slip injuries. This guideline was developed by the St Georges hand therapy team following the outcomes of the audit that they carried out.

This guidelines are now used in the hand therapy team to assist staff to better manage these complex injuries.

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January 2019

In 2019, Annie Capon, Alexander Watson and Holly England collaborated and wrote a paper around the conservative management of central slip injuries. After a lot of hard work, this paper was then published in ‘Hand Therapy’ – the British Journal of Hand Therapy.

This paper provided an overview of the clinical audit process undertaken within the hand therapy team, which led to the development of new clinical guidelines to assess and treat closed central slip injuries.

The article can be found here:



August 2019

Read here about the contribution of the hand therapy team to a nearly amputated hand which was saved after seventeen hours of surgery by the plastics surgical team at St Georges. The patient had suffered a chop saw accident resulting in a double-level amputation.

These cases challenge and excite us as therapists and is only one of the few amazing cases that we have had the opportunity to be a part of.

Surgeons save man’s hand after seventeen hours of surgery