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The hand therapy team participates in clinical audits, service development and research projects. Is actively involved in supporting and promoting hand therapy at both a national and international level.

The team is involved with London and South East Hand Therapy Interest Group, which works to promote hand therapy support and learning across London and the South East of England.

In addition, members of the team have presented at a number of conferences and workshops, both nationally and internationally. See below for some of the recent achievements of the team.


October 2021

During the BAHT Conference 2021 ‘Back to Basics’, Megan Blakeway, principal OT of the hand therapy team at St Georges, defended in a debate the routine post-operative splinting.


November 2020

As part of the BAHT Conference Series – ‘Demystifying the Difficult’ (2020),  Annie Capon & Megan Blakeway, members of the hand therapy team at St Georges,  were invited to present  the results of a clinical audit conducted by the team around the conservative management of injuries to the central slip.

They presented an overview of a new clinical guideline which the team developed following the outcomes of the audit.  This guideline is now used in the hand therapy  to assist staff to better manage these complex injuries.

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January 2019

The collaborative work of Annie Capon, Alexander Watson and Holly England around the conservative management of central slip injuries led to a paper publication in 2019 in ‘Hand Therapy’ – the British Journal of Hand Therapy.

This paper provided an overview a clinical audit process undertaken in the team, which led to the development of new clinical guidelines to assess and treatment closed central slip injuries.

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August 2019

Read here about the contribution of Hand Therapy Team to a nearly amputated hand which was saved after seventeen hours of surgery from our skilled Plastics surgical team.

Surgeons save man’s hand after seventeen hours of surgery