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St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has a long-standing international reputation as a leading centre for the management and research of heart rhythm problems (known as arrhythmias). It has pioneered a number of rhythm interventional treatments in the UK National Health Service for supraventricular tachycardia, pacemaker and implantable defibrillator. It currently provides a comprehensive tertiary centre heart rhythm service including complex atrial and ventricular rhythm ablations, the latest cardiac rhythm device implantation and extraction services. It is the UK leading centre in the management of inherited cardiac rhythm conditions working closely with the Cardiac Risk in the Young group.

The service is led by a team of specialist consultants with comprehensive past experiences gained at renowned leading UK, European and North America centres of excellence. The service is supported by a comprehensive physiologist support team led by the UK’s only cardiac physiologist nominated to Fellow of Royal College of Physicians.  It provides an excellent training centre for aspiring UK cardiology specialist trainees in electrophysiology and device therapy and is a world-renowned fellowship centre for visiting international scholars and fellows.

The department provides the most up-to-date technologies for the ablation treatment of heart rhythm problems with the latest ablation equipment including 3-dimensional electroanatomical mappings, contact-force radiofrequency catheters, and cryofreezing balloon catheters. The implantable electronic devices including sub-cutaneous implantable defibrillator are the latest products from the industry-leading manufacturers with a proven record of safety and reliability.

The department is committed to bring about innovations and improvements in clinical services through research and has been actively involved in pioneering research in the management of heart rhythm and device therapy. The department members sit on a number of national and international expert committees which influence the latest decisions and guidance on heart rhythm management. The annual VT symposium brings about the experience of international experts in the field to advance the treatment of complex arrhythmia problems.

The heart rhythm service team also work closely with the heart failure service and coronary interventional service  to provide ICD’s and resynchronization treatments that can help patients with difficult symptoms related to weakness in the heart muscle and use advanced imaging technique such as 3-dimensional echo and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging to guide the treatment decision.

Electrophysiology Group


  • Prof Elijah Behr – Arrhythmias, Electrophysiology and Inherited Cardiac Conditions
  • Professor A John Camm – Arrhythmias and Electrophysiology
  • Dr Mark Gallagher – Arrhythmias and Electrophysiology
  • Dr Magdi Saba – Arrhythmias and Electrophysiology
  • Dr Manav Sohal – Arrhythmias and Electrophysiology
  • Dr Anthony Li – Arrhythmias and Electrophysiology

Lead Clinical Scientists and Physiologists

  • Mr Alex Grimster – Principal Cardiac Physiologist (Heart Rhythm & Intervention)
  • Ms Tamara Daily – Lead Cardiac Physiologist (Pacing & ICD)
  • Ms Hayley Langridge – Lead Cardiac Physiologist (Non-invasive and Education)


  • Mr Michael Sampson BHF Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist
  • Ms Evaun Teoh BHF Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist