Children and Young People’s Council

The Children and Young People’s Council is helping to make St George’s a better place for Children and Young People.

Things we have done so far:

  • Held a Q&A session with the Hospital’s Chief Executive
  • Taken part in job interviews for new doctors and nurses
  • Food tasting patient meals and making recommendations for menu changes
  • Fed back on information leaflets and app designs.
  • Redesigned the Teenager Room
  • Judged a Picture Competition

Issy Dolby, Children and Young People’s Council, member:

“The Children and Young People’s Council is a wonderful way for the younger generation to voice their opinions on how we can improve hospital services for other families, in a supported environment. I am honoured to be an active member of this Council and hope to make many new positive changes going forward. Watch this space!”

Josei Kobayashi, Children and Young People’s Council, member:

“I am proud to be part of St George’s children and young people’s council. I joined the council because I would like to use my first hand experience, as a patient, to help improve the hospital and its patients’ experiences. This is important because the hospital needs to know what patients really think of the quality of their care and what can be done better. The role of the council is to suggest improvements, give feedback and think of new ideas for the better of the hospital.”


Join Us

We are looking for new members to join us. Are you aged between 10 and 18 years old and keen to help improve our services? If so, we are looking for people like you to come and join us and give us your opinions

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