Rehabilitation service

Services at Queen Mary's Hospital | Updated 29 Nov 2013

Vitali Unit Part of the Douglas Bader Rehabilitation Centre, the Vitali Unit provides the necessary outpatient services, clinics and resources needed to enable the rehabilitation of patients so that they can achieve their optimal level of function, mobility and health status. The centre also offers services for the management of …

Bone boost

Bone boost

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 29 Nov 2013

The Bone Boost programme has been designed to provide a care pathway for those with osteoporosis/osteopenia and to ultimately reduce the incidence of fragility fracture in Wandsworth.  

Senior health

Senior health

Services at St George's Hospital, St John's Therapy Centre | Updated 3 Jan 2019

Senior health is a branch of General medicine that is concerned with the clinical, preventative, remedial and social aspects of illness in old age. The challenges of frailty, complex co-morbidity, different patterns of disease presentation, slower response to treatment and requirements for social support call for special medical skills. Presentations …


Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 20 Dec 2020 | Tags: neurology diagnosis neuropathology

The neuropathology service performs expert and fast nervous system and muscle diagnostic procedures by examining central nervous system biopsy tissue from the brain and spinal cord.¬† Biopsies taken by neurosurgeons in theatres, clinics and on the wards are delivered directly to the neuropathology laboratories in Jenner¬†Wing, with results uploaded directly …


Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 20 Dec 2020 | Tags: EEG EMG NCS neurophysiology

The neurophysiology service uses innovative procedures to record and interpret electrical signals from the nervous system to diagnose and assess a range of nervous system disorders, including epilepsy, movement disorders, headaches and facial pain. Neurophysiology investigations include: EEG (electroencephalography) – a recording of the electrical activity of the brain from …

Occupational therapy

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 29 Nov 2013

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust occupational therapists help patients whose independence or ability to live a normal life has been affected because of their condition. Rehabilitation within a hospital setting involves helping a patient to learn new skills or adapt existing ones to enable them to engage in …

Speech and language therapy

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 23 Oct 2019

5Speech and language therapists work with patients who have impaired speech, language or voice problems, or a combination of these. They can also help patients who have difficulty with feeding and swallowing. These impairments and difficulties can have numerous and varied causes and be very complex. As a result, speech …


Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 30 Nov 2018

Therapy Services at St George’s Hospital are based around an integrated focus with multi-professional teams designed around patient care groups. Qualified therapists range from juniors and seniors through to advanced clinical specialists and consultant practitioners who operate at a higher level within particular specialties, for example, running clinics. Juniors are …

Ambulatory Assessment Area (AAA)

Ambulatory Assessment Area (AAA)

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 1 May 2019

  Acute medicine is the specialty concerned with the diagnosis, management and non-surgical treatment of unusual or serious diseases. In our Acute Medicine Ambulatory Assessment Area (AAA), we provide facilities to maximise treatment of emergency medical patients on the same day, without need for full admission. Our AAA is a …

Major trauma centre

Major trauma centre

Services at St George's Hospital | Updated 8 Feb 2019

St George’s Hospital is the major trauma centre for the south west London and Surrey trauma network covering a population of around 2.6 million. St George’s receives and treats approximately 120 patients every month as a result of trauma. The idea behind trauma networks is that ambulance crews are trained …