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About Us

South West Thames Regional Genetics has a specialised prenatal service. This service is for women and couples with a family history of a genetic condition, or for those with abnormalities presenting during a pregnancy.

The team at the South West Thames Regional Genetics Service work closely with patients alongside their local midwives and the Fetal Medicine Unit at St George’s Hospital to provide comprehensive care.

Prenatal enquiries and referrals can be directed to:

prenatal.genetics@stgeorges.nhs.uk or 020 8275 5335.

Given the urgent nature of the prenatal setting, referrals by post are strongly discouraged.

The referral template can be found at the link. Referrers are kindly requested to include any relevant results (eg. ultrasound reports, genetic test results).

Prenatal Genetics Referral Form – (note, this referral form is only for use by healthcare professionals).

Prenatal Genetic Test Requests

As part of NHS England’s reconfiguration of National Genetic Laboratory Services the South West Thames Regional Genetics Laboratory (SWTRGL) here at St George’s, will become part of the South East Genomics Laboratory Hub (SEGLH). For more information on the impact of these changes on your prenatal genetic test requests, please see the updates on the SWTRGL webpage.