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Patient services on Wednesday 10th February 2016

The Department of Health continued their negotiations with junior doctors but these talks broke down on Monday 4 January 2016 and the BMA confirmed industrial action by junior doctors on the following day: 08:00 to 17:00 Wednesday 10 February (full walk-out)

5 Feb 2016

St George’s response to today’s HSJ article on PwC report

In response to the article published by the HSJ today in to the independent report by PwC ‘Forensic review and assessment at a Glance and Recommendations’, St George’s response is as follows: The period covered in the report is now more than a year ago. A great deal has changed …

4 Feb 2016

It’s “oldies but goodies” in the next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’

Look away it’s a spoiler! The next episode (no 16) of the ’24 Hours in A&E’ is on Wednesday, 3rd of February, at 9pm on Channel 4. Get those tissues out, follow @StGeorgesTrust and #24HrsAE. Enjoy the show!

2 Feb 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

Watch ’24 Hours in A&E’ with us on Wednesday at 9pm

The next episode 15 of the award-winning TV series “24 Hours in A&E” is back on this Wednesday, 27th January. We can now reveal its title – “Stiff Upper Lip”. We hope you will be watching with us and tweeting @StGeorgesTrust under the hashtag #24HrsAE. The kick off is at 9pm on Channel 4.

26 Jan 2016 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E episode 15

Search our current vacancies and join St George’s

Watch our brilliant video to see a day at St George’s, search current vacancies, apply for that dream job and make a difference in how we deliver high quality healthcare.

25 Jan 2016 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E jobs vacancies work with us YouTube

“Stronger Together” is the next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’

Having support in one of life’s moments is so important as this episode demonstrates. 52-year-old retired firefighter John is rushed to A&E by helicopter after being accidently hit in the face by a golf club. The golf club hit him so hard that it snapped. John lost consciousness and is in an induced coma.

14 Jan 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

“Altered States” is the title of the next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’

The next episode (13) of the award-winning medical documentary “24 Hours in A&E” will be aired on January 13th at 9pm on Channel 4. It will feature neurologist Mahinda Yogarajah, ENP Maria Priestland and ENP Helen Soloman.

8 Jan 2016 | Tags: 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E ED Helen Soloman Mahinda Yogarajah Maria Priestland Stroke

The Inpatient Surgical Team receive a recognition award from the Health Innovation Network

With more than 130 entries submitted across the Health Innovation Network & Health Education South London Innovation Grants & Recognition Awards programme this year, the Inpatient Surgical Team received a Recognition Award. David McCall, Tissue Viability Nurse spoke regarding the award saying: “I am very proud of the work undertaken …

5 Jan 2016 | Tags: award HIN Inpatient Surgical Team

Queen Mary’s Hospital gain JAG accreditation

The Endoscopy Unit at Queen Mary’s has recently been awarded JAG accreditation which is an accreditation awarded to endoscopy departments that are able to demonstrate a safe, patient centred and efficient service.

31 Dec 2015 | Tags: endoscopy departments Endoscopy Unit JAG accreditation Lucy Titheridge Paul Alford Queen Mary's Hospital Queen Mary’s

A teaser for episode 12 of ’24 Hours in A&E’ titled “Through the Ages”

You’re never too young or too old to visit A&E and this episode has examples of people from 3-41 years old who end up in A&E much to their surprise.

31 Dec 2015 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

Life is hard in episode 11 of ’24 Hours in A&E’

This week’s episode focuses on patients and families whose good humour and positivity helps them to cope in tough circumstances. Life can often deal out tough hands to people but with the right frame of mind, it’s possible to rise above very difficult situations. This episode proves it. 84-year-old Paula …

29 Dec 2015 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E

Dilemmas of ‘fathers and sons’ in episode 10 of ’24 Hours in A&E’

The next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’ will be aired next Wednesday, 23rd December, on Channel 4 at 9pm. It is about fathers and sons, their intertwining relationships and an over-riding emotion of people rushed to A & E is fear and confusion.

18 Dec 2015 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E emergency services fathers and sons

“When you get a phone call like that, everything stops”. All is revealed in episode 9 of ’24 Hours in A&E’

Twenty-two-year-old motorcyclist Adam has crashed into a car and been thrown 30 metres. Rosa, who’s 18, fell off her bike after a night out with friends. Her mum is not impressed.

16 Dec 2015 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 Hours A&E 24 hrs in A&E Emergency Department

New dermatology service for private patients at Queen Mary’s Hospital

A new dermatology service which provides a professional service for private patients has recently launched at Queen Mary’s Hospital. The state of the art day care phototherapy unit is managed by our expert dermatology consultants and specialist dermatology nurse team and tailored for acute and chronic skin conditions. This helps to ensure correct diagnosis and effective treatment of dermatological skin conditions.

14 Dec 2015 | Tags: acne acute and chronic skin conditions day care dermatological skin conditions eczema expert dermatology consultants mole checks phototherapy unit private patients psoriasis rosacea specialist dermatology nurse

St George’s scores a first in providing more accurate screening for Down’s syndrome

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust London, today opened the doors of its new laboratory for processing blood samples of pregnant women whose babies are at a high risk of developing Down’s, Edwards and Patau syndromes.

10 Dec 2015 | Tags: Basky Thilaganathan CVS Down's Syndrome Edwards syndrome Edwards's syndrome Maternity NIPT Patau syndrome Patau's syndrome pregnancy Professor Basky SAFE test