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Parents, children and partners on ’24 Hours in A&E’

This week’s episode was scheduled to be the last in the current series. However, we know it’s still cold outside and you need some St George’s A&E drama to warm your heart and keep things cosy on a midweek evening so we’re going to keep the episodes coming

24 Feb 2015 | Tags: 24 Hours 24 hours in A&E cardiology family relationships Series 8 trauma

St George’s to create a new specialist youth service for victims of gang-related violence

St George’s will be one of the major trauma centres (MTC) to host specialist youth workers dealing directly with young victims of gang crime, it was announced today. The youth workers will be placed in every MTC to support victims and reduce youth violence in London under the major expansion …

17 Feb 2015 | Tags: deputy mayor funding gang-related violence major trauma major trauma centre new initiative specialist youth workers

‘Broadchurch’ at St George’s!

On one overcast Saturday in September 2014 St George’s opened its doors to the crew and cast of ITV’s award winning drama, ‘Broadchurch’. The 30-strong crew arrived early in the morning and parked up their three lorries that were brimming with lighting, costume changes and location props – it was …

16 Feb 2015 | Tags: Broadchurch David Tennant filming health advice Olivia Colman pacemaker

St George’s is taking part in pioneering new buddy scheme to improve experience of care for cancer patients

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to be taking part in a pioneering ‘buddy scheme’ to help some NHS trusts in England to improve cancer patients’ experience of care. St George’s was identified by the recent Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) as being one of the most …

13 Feb 2015 | Tags: buddy scheme cancer Cancer patient experience mentor patient experience

Mark’s Miracle

St George’s is one of the largest single-site hospitals in the UK and has one of Britain’s most advanced and busiest A&E departments. Approximately 400 people visit our emergency department (ED) every day. They come to us seeking care and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions – painful …

11 Feb 2015 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E Consultant Will major trauma miracle

A teaser for episode six of ’24 Hours in A&E’

This week’s episode focuses on freedom, independence and renewal.

10 Feb 2015 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E air ambulance major trauma mental health tree surgeon

Fifth episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’ at St George’s FT!

This week’s episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’ focuses on older patients who are often reluctant to get the help they need, while younger patients are treated after very different accidents.

3 Feb 2015 | Tags: 24 Hours 24 hours in A&E Foundation Trust Geriatric medicine

St George’s becomes an NHS Foundation Trust

Health regulator Monitor has authorised St George’s to be a Foundation Trust.
To reflect this achievement, the trust’s formal title will change to St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

2 Feb 2015

Episode Four of ’24 Hours in A&E’ – Handling Anxiety

This week’s episode looks at the anxiety faced by patients, family and staff.

28 Jan 2015 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E Anxiety episode four Series 8

Providing Offender Healthcare: Healthier – Inside and Out

Getting the balance right behind bars is what it’s all about for trust staff working at HMP Wandsworth. The Offender Healthcare Service, led by Jo Darrow, has been set up to improve the health of offenders whilst working in an environment designed to limit their liberty. Jo relishes her job …

23 Jan 2015 | Tags: HMP Wandsworth Prison Jo Darrow jobs Offender Healthcare

St George’s secures further funding to improve patient safety in Ghana

A partnership set up to share patient safety initiatives and approaches between KATH and St George’s has been part of a World Health Organisation (WHO) two-year programme.

22 Jan 2015 | Tags: funding Ghana KATH Patient Safety WHO

Episode Three of ’24 Hours in A&E’ – Questioning Our Mortality

In this week’s episode staff and patients talk about mortality and how being in A&E brings difficult questions to the fore…

19 Jan 2015 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E Consultant Will Mortality Nurse Daryl

Getting to know Simon…

Nurse Simon makes his first appearance in series 8, episode 2 of ’24 Hours in A&E’ (aired on 14 January 2015, 9pm on Channel 4). We hear about how working in the stressful environment of A&E means Simon and his colleagues need to find ways to let off steam. What …

14 Jan 2015 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E A&E pressures Emergency Care nurses Simon

Episode Two of ’24 Hours in A&E’ – Coping Under Pressure

In this week’s episode staff discuss how A&E is somewhere they, as well as patients, face deeply challenging situations on a daily basis and people’s different coping mechanisms…

12 Jan 2015 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E nurse Simon working pressures

Getting to know Rhys…

Consultant Rhys has featured alongside his St George’s colleagues in previous series’ of ’24 Hours in A&E’ but we see him in episode 1 of series 10 – the 100th episode – treating 89-year-old Sir John Cockburn who arrives at St George’s with acute abdominal pain. Here we find out …

8 Jan 2015 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E Channel 4 ED Profile Rhys Series 8