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Opening of the Charles Pumphrey Unit for cardiology elective admissions

We are pleased to announce that today marks the opening of a new cardiology elective admissions unit called the Charles Pumphrey Unit.

18 Feb 2016 | Tags: Atkinson Morley Charles Pumphrey Unit Dr Pumphrey

‘Diamonds for Rice’ – a patient’s story

Diamonds for Rice tells the remarkable story of Eric Evans who has survived a terrorist’s bomb, a civil war, blood cancer – and two bone marrow transplants from the same young donor.

15 Feb 2016

Dr Angela Houston discusses ways that St George’s have been tackling tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is a curable disease, but we need to work hard to beat it. London has been labelled the TB capital of western Europe where England has the highest number of cases of the disease. And of the people with TB in England, 4 in 10 live in London.

12 Feb 2016 | Tags: dr angela houston NICE tuberculosis

Suspension of urogynaecology sub-specialty service at St George’s

You may have seen articles in the local and national press about the suspension of the urogynaecology sub-specialty service. There have also been flyers and posters given out outside the hospital, and a march opposing the suspension was held on Saturday (6 February). The sub-speciality of urogynaecology was suspended in …

12 Feb 2016 | Tags: March 2016 Board meeting St George’s FGM clinic The Guardian Urogynaecology urogynaecology sub-specialty service

Statement from Miles Scott on Junior Drs contract imposition

You may have read that I was one of 20 chief executives referenced in a letter from NHS chief negotiator Sir David Dalton to the Secretary of State regarding the Junior Drs contract negotiations. My response to the media enquires received throughout the day is as follows; “I was happy …

12 Feb 2016

It’s “Training Day” on ’24 Hours in A&E’

The next episode (18) of the award-winning medical documentary “24 Hours in A&E” is nearly here! It’s due to be aired on Wednesday, 17 February, at 9pm on Channel 4.

12 Feb 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

Hyper Acute Stroke Unit receives an ‘A’ grade in the recent national stroke audit for quality of care

St George’s continues to focus on improving the care for patients with stroke. In the latest published SSNAP (Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme) quarterly report, the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) is now rated an A grade.

11 Feb 2016 | Tags: CT scan HASU hyper-acute stroke unit SSNAP SSNAP (Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme TIA Transient Ischaemic Attack

“Till Death Do Us Part” is what the next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’ is all about

Are you excited about the next episode (no 17) of the ’24 Hours in A&E’ as much as we are? The show is back with a bang is on Wednesday, 10th of February on Channel 4 at 9pm. Follow @StGeorgesTrust on Twitter for a countdown and live updates, but most importantly comment while you watch under #24HrsAE.

9 Feb 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

Patient services on Wednesday 10th February 2016

The Department of Health continued their negotiations with junior doctors but these talks broke down on Monday 4 January 2016 and the BMA confirmed industrial action by junior doctors on the following day: 08:00 to 17:00 Wednesday 10 February (full walk-out)

5 Feb 2016

St George’s response to today’s HSJ article on PwC report

In response to the article published by the HSJ today in to the independent report by PwC ‘Forensic review and assessment at a Glance and Recommendations’, St George’s response is as follows: The period covered in the report is now more than a year ago. A great deal has changed …

4 Feb 2016

It’s “oldies but goodies” in the next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’

Look away it’s a spoiler! The next episode (no 16) of the ’24 Hours in A&E’ is on Wednesday, 3rd of February, at 9pm on Channel 4. Get those tissues out, follow @StGeorgesTrust and #24HrsAE. Enjoy the show!

2 Feb 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

Watch ’24 Hours in A&E’ with us on Wednesday at 9pm

The next episode 15 of the award-winning TV series “24 Hours in A&E” is back on this Wednesday, 27th January. We can now reveal its title – “Stiff Upper Lip”. We hope you will be watching with us and tweeting @StGeorgesTrust under the hashtag #24HrsAE. The kick off is at 9pm on Channel 4.

26 Jan 2016 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E episode 15

Search our current vacancies and join St George’s

Watch our brilliant video to see a day at St George’s, search current vacancies, apply for that dream job and make a difference in how we deliver high quality healthcare.

25 Jan 2016 | Tags: 24 hours in A&E jobs vacancies work with us YouTube

“Stronger Together” is the next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’

Having support in one of life’s moments is so important as this episode demonstrates. 52-year-old retired firefighter John is rushed to A&E by helicopter after being accidently hit in the face by a golf club. The golf club hit him so hard that it snapped. John lost consciousness and is in an induced coma.

14 Jan 2016 | Tags: #24HrsAE 24 24 Hours 24 hours in A&E 24 Hrs A&E 24 hrs in A&E

“Altered States” is the title of the next episode of ’24 Hours in A&E’

The next episode (13) of the award-winning medical documentary “24 Hours in A&E” will be aired on January 13th at 9pm on Channel 4. It will feature neurologist Mahinda Yogarajah, ENP Maria Priestland and ENP Helen Soloman.

8 Jan 2016 | Tags: 24 Hours 24 Hours A&E 24 hours in A&E ED Helen Soloman Mahinda Yogarajah Maria Priestland Stroke