Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professional Research

Chief Nurse Fellow programme 2020

The aim of the fellowship programme is to develop clinical excellence and research capacity (the ability to carry out research) amongst nurses, midwives and allied health professionals at St George’s.

Why apply for the Chief Nurse Fellowship?

The fellowship programme is aimed at band 5 and 6 nurses working at St George’s who wish to pursue a clinical academic career. A clinical academic is someone who engages in clinical practice and research at the same time.

The Fellowships offer:

  1. A structured clinical academic development programme that includes the SGUL Post-graduate Certificate in Research Skills and Methods
  2. A practice improvement / research project focusing on an area pertinent to the Fellows practice and aligned to organisational and nursing-specific strategic objectives
  3. One day per week out of direct patient care for a minimum of 1 year to provide time to undertake the clinical academic development programme and to complete their project
  4. Monthly clinical and academic support meetings to review personal and research project plans

How to apply

Please read the Chief Nurse Fellowships info and application and complete the Chief Nurse Fellow Application Form

General advice on Clinical Academic Careers can be found at the National Institute of Health Research web platform 

Contact us

If you’d like more information on developing your career in research, and the advice and support we provide, please get in touch.