Joint Research and Enterprise Services (JRES)

The Joint Research and Enterprise Services (JRES) administers and facilitates research across both St George’s, University of London and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Our aim is to support and facilitate research onsite by effective and efficient financial management of research funding, and by ensuring that all research is conducted to the highest standards of governance and Good Clinical Practice.

The JRES is responsible for:

  • Identification of research funding opportunities
  • Costings and pre-award support for grant applications
  • Financial management and administration of research grants and contracts
  • Providing guidance on the Ethics process
  • Sponsorship of clinical research studies
  • Host site approval for clinical research studies
  • Costing of clinical studies
  • All aspects of Clinical and Research Governance on site (including study initiation, audit and monitoring, safety reporting, and study close-out)
  • Monitoring and reporting on research activity
  • Training and guidance for all aspects of research administration
  • Co-ordinating external audits and regulatory inspections

Contact details

JRES Strcture Organogram Aug 2019

The JRES is located within:

Corridor 10, Ground Floor Jenner Wing,¬† St George’s, University of London
Cranmer Terrace
London  SW17 0RE
Telephone: 020 8725 4986
Fax: 020 8725 0794

The JRES works with the SGUL Research Data Management service to give advice on Data Management Plans for grant applications and deliver training on data management. SGUL Research Data Management Service