Translational and Clinical Research Institute (TACRI)

About us

In 2021 the Trust and SGUL launched TACRI, The Translational and Clinical Research Institute.

TACRI helps to support researchers of all levels to engage and grow our academic and clinical partnerships. Along with established investigators, membership of TACRI is open to all nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (NMAHPs).

The main aim of TACRI is to support the development of research collaborations, interests, skills and career progression, ultimately leading to a greater number of successful grant awards and publications for St. George’s researchers.

To help with this, TACRI provides educational and clinical seminars, a statistical consultancy service, where researchers can sense-check planned methodologies and statistical approaches, an interactive website highlighting St. George’s research success and much more.

TACRI also can assist in the planning and life-cycle of clinical research studies at the Trust. This can be in terms of governance requirements, approval processes, funding and costing application completion but could be whatever is necessary to get research started in the Trust!