Guidance for SAS & LED Doctors

The SAS Charter & Routes to Career Development for SAS & LEDs

This article provides general information about the SAS charter and useful information about routes available for career development. Please follow the links to access the documents.

The SAS Charter


The SAS charter was created by the BMA and NHS employers to help SAS doctors with their development and provide opportunities in their workplace.

In collaboration with NHS Employers, Health Education England and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the BMA published the SAS charter for England in 2014. The BMA have since adapted the SAS charter for all other UK nations

What is included in the Charter?

The SAS charter has been developed to help with holding employers accountable and provide greater development and working opportunities.

The themes in the charters are based around:

  • minimum conditions of employment
  • revalidation, appraisal and job planning
  • helping SAS doctors to feel effectively supported
  • opportunities for development
  • involvement in management structures.

At SGH we are currently working towards developing all the above.


Routes to Career Development for SAS & LEDs

The GMC provides ample information about the different routes to career progression.

Please follow the links to access the guidance.

Please note, that curriculum requirements vary depending on the Specialty you are interested in, so please review those as well.



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