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Patient Factsheets

St. George’s Hospital Factsheets about conditions and treatments within hepatology

Hepatology CAS leaflet

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


You may find the following websites useful for general information and advice. St. George’s Univserity Hospitals is not responsible for their content and site maintenance.

Alcohol Change UK
A charity prompting alcohol change, improving knowledge, better policies and regulations, shifting cultural norms, improving drinking behaviours and better support and treatment.

British Liver Trust
The UK’s leading liver health charity – website offers information and leaflets on a wide variety of liver-related illnesses.

The Wellness Toolbox – Cirrhosis
Providing nutrition and exercise resources to maintain health when living with cirrhosis

Viral Hepatitis

The Hepatitis C Trust
Raising public awareness of the virus, ending discrimination about people with hepatitis C, and creating an active community of patients.

The Hepatitis B Positive Trust UK
Aiming to end the silence around hepatitis B infections and draw together people with hepatitis B to give them a collective voice and the ability to support each other.

Haemochromatosis & Wilson’s Disease

Haemochromatosis UK
Helping people liver with iron overload

Wilson’s Disease Support Group UK
Support, education and outreach for people living with Wilson’s disease, their family and friends.

Immune-Mediated Liver Diseases

A research collaboration with a shared interest in understanding and treating autoimmune hepatitis.

PBC Foundation
A charity offering support to primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) sufferers, their family and friends.

PSC Support
Helping anyone affected by primary sclerosing cholangitis and driving research towards a cure

Pancreas and Biliary Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer UK
Providing expert support and information, funding research and campaigning for change.

AMMF: The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity
Raising awareness of cholangiocarcinoma, providing information, encouraging and supporting research and advocating the patients’ viewpoint.