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Secretarial support

Secretary to Professor Forton and Dr Clark                 0208 725 3032

Secretary to Drs Singanayagam, Yalcin & Gess           0208 725 3429

Secretary to Dr Hughes and Sally Pannifex                 0208 266 6178

Secretary to Dr Barker                                                  0208 725 3811

Hepatology CAS

William Ovenden (patient pathway co-ordinator)

Alcohol Service

Sally Pannifex (alcohol-related liver disease clinical nurse specialist)

Viral Hepatitis

Nick Tatman / Laura Letham (viral hepatitis nurse specialists)

Upper Gastrointestinal / Hepatopancreaticobiliary Cancer

Kirsty McCartney (upper GI cancer nurse specialist)

Jessica Batchelor (upper GI cancer nurse specialist)