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Haematological cancers are cancers of the blood and lymphatic system. These include leukaemias, lymphomas and myeloma.

The Haematology-Oncology Unit offers a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service for patients with a wide variety of blood cancers; this includes bone marrow transplantation. The Lymphoma clinic also offers a one-stop referral pathway for the diagnosis of lymphoma.

There is a robust research portfolio which gives our patients access to innovative treatments.

We provide a number of clinical services including:

Acute Leukaemia Service
Dr Matthias Klammer , Dr Mickey Koh, Dr Fenella Willis, Dr Yasmin Reyal; Dr Theodora Vatopoulou
CNS: Joanne Murfett

Myeloid Malignancies Service
Dr Yasmin Reyal, Dr Matthias Klammer, Dr Mickey Koh, Dr Fenella Willis, Dr Theodora Vatopoulou
CNS: Joanne Murfett

Lymphoma Service
Dr Ruth Pettengell, Dr Ying Ying Peng
CNS: Beverley Wilson

Myeloma and Plasma Cell Dyscrasia Service
Dr Fenella Willis, Dr Yasmin Reyal, Dr Theodora Vatopoulou
CNS: Currently vacant. To be filled Feb 2020

Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) Service
Dr Mickey Koh; Dr Matthias Klammer; Dr Dara Qadir
CNS: Michaela Mayhew; Jane Bowley

Teenage and Young Adult Cancer (TYAC) Service
Dr Ruth Pettengell
CNS: Claire Fowler


Haematology and Oncology Outpatients, Ground Floor , St James Wing, St George’s Hospital