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If you lose your NHS hearing aid(s), there will be a lost aid charge. The charge is £75 for one hearing aid and £100 for two.

There are some exceptions to payment:

  • Hospital In-Patients or those in a Care Home (may be chargeable to the hospital /care home)
  • Patients not capable of looking after themselves(this includes patients with severe physical or psychological problems, severe dementia or under the mental care act)
  • Patients receiving means-tested benefits(this requires written evidence of benefit)
  • Victims of crime where the hearing aid is stolen (this requires a crime number relating to the reported theft to the police of the hearing aid)
  • Patients registered blind/partially sighted
  • Patients receiving end of life care

For those who do not meet above confirmed criteria but otherwise feel there are special circumstances regarding the loss/damage of their device(s), they may appeal by writing to the adult rehabilitation lead at either the departmental address or generic email account stgh-tr.audiology@nhs.net

Please note that once you have made the payment, a refund cannot be arranged.

A replacement hearing aid can only be given once the payment has been made. Proof of payment will be required before a replacement aid can be issued. Please note cash payments cannot be accepted in the department. Payment should be made to the hospital cashiers quoting reference DAA by:

  • Visiting the hospital cashier on the Ground Floor, Lanesborough Wing, St George’s Hopsital, – please obtain a receipt
  • Calling the hospital cashiers on 020 8725 1632 / 2981 – please obtain your receipt reference number
  • Online – please contact the audiology coordinator on 020 8725 1151 to get the hospital bank details.

Please note, you cannot purchase spare hearing aids.