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In October 2016, a review of patient’s postoperative care in the recovery rooms at St George’s Hospital found that:

  • 97% of patients had no nausea or vomiting after operations
  • 94% of patients had well controlled pain
  • 99% of patients had no breathing complications
  • 88% of patients woke up with a temperature over 36 degrees (which means they did not require additional warming)

St George’s Anaesthetic and Recovery departments are working hard together to maintain the highest quality of patient care and improve our standards continuously.

More information about your anaesthetic

If you are having a surgical operation or procedure you may require an anaesthetic, but what does this really mean to you as a patient?
There are different methods of delivering anaesthesia such as “general”, “regional” and “local”, which may be used alone or in combination.
The most appropriate type of anaesthesia to be used depends on different factors but most importantly is based on you and your procedure. This will be discussed with you before the procedure by your anaesthetist and the preoperative assessment team.

Follow the link below to view some of the information that is available to our patients here at St George’s.


There is also some helpful information available through the Royal College of Anaesthetists website

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