Dr Renate Wendler

Dr Renate Wendler is a Consultant Obstetric and Cardiac Anaesthetist at St George’s.

She plays a key role in episode three during Zoe’s care as she undergoes a procedure to intubate her baby, who has a large cyst on his neck, while in the womb so that he can be delivered safely.

In the series trailer – and during episode three – we hear Renate say, “We all agree that if mum is in any way compromised, we bail out” to the response “Yes.”

Here, we catch up with Renate…

How long have you worked at St George’s? What did you do before?

I’ve been here for 16 years – I can’t believe it! Before working at St George’s, I was a consultant anaesthetist in Germany.

What made you want to get into anaesthesia?

The mix of practical procedures, theatre and intensive care environment and challenging case load.

How did you find filming for Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles?

I am always a bit apprehensive, but realise it is important to showcase good work and the patients were very positive about it and the filming crew very professional, that put me at ease.

You played a key role in Zoe’s care in episode three when she undergoes an EXIT procedure – can you tell us more about your role during this and the significance of it?

The anaesthetic team is split- for baby and mum; we were responsible for mum’s wellbeing. This involved anaesthesia, ensuring the womb is relaxed so baby still gets oxygen whilst the airway is secured, but at the same time ensure that mum is ok and not bleeding. We make the call when there is maternal compromise and therefore guide the team how much time is available for airway manipulation in the baby. These cases are always very challenging for everyone.

Have you been involved in many EXIT procedures before?

Yes, in almost every EXIT procedure here at SGH. I have probably done the most amongst the group of obstetric anaesthetist, but we always have a team, that is important.

What would you say to someone who is interested in progressing into a similar career?

Anaesthesia is a great speciality, never boring and with great colleagues!