Dr Anay Kulkarni

Dr Anay Kulkarni is one of our Consultant Neonatologists who features across Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles.

He works closely with the Fetal Medicine Unit particularly when babies require additional support after birth, as we see in episode two.

Dr Kulkarni has a specialist interest in neonatal cardiology after having been a Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Cardiology at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

Here, we find out more about him…

How long have you worked at St George’s?

I’ve been here for eight years in total. I initially worked as a trainee and research fellow for two years and then joined as a Consultant in 2015.

What made you want to get into this area of medicine?

I always wanted to study medicine and so I graduated from Mumbai University where I developed an interest in paediatrics after working with an amazing paediatric professor. I went on to specialise in neonatology as I found it extremely stimulating not knowing what emergency I would face next.

Our job is to find better ways to deliver care to new born babies who are either born extremely prematurely or have conditions that put their life at risk. It’s extremely rewarding.

How did you find filming for Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles?

Initially I found it bit unnerving but got used to it soon. I was amazed to see parents who themselves were going through an extremely difficult time agree to share their experience.

What has been your favourite part of being involved with the series?

As a neonatologist, I observe only part of the journey when baby is admitted to neonatal unit. It is incredible to see on screen the emotional journey families go through from conception to consultation/intervention with fetal medicine, the birth and in some cases to the neonatal unit before being discharged home.

Why did you want to be a part of this series?

Team working is amazing at St George’s. Fetal medicine, midwifery, neonatal, paediatric surgeons, paediatric anaesthetists and the paediatric ENT team work together constantly to provide not only the best possible care to babies with very complex needs, but also work with parents as partners in care for their little ones and it’s amazing to see that shown in such a powerful way through the stories of our patients.

What would you say to someone who is interested in progressing into a similar career?

Neonatology, nursing or medical, is an extremely rewarding profession. Three traits you’ll need are: being compassionate, kind and caring.