Managing relapses

If any guidance is needed to help your patients identify and manage their relapse then please contact your local MS clinical nurse specialist. Below the contact details and information provided by the MS nurses at St George’s Hospital. Links to information on the MS Society and MS Trust websites will be useful. Information on disease modifying drugs for those with relapsing remitting MS is provided in the section on Managing symptoms.

Wandsworth Community Wards

Click here for more information on Wandsworth Community Wards

Proactive management of patients in the community with long term/chronic conditions to reduce the number of unplanned admissions to secondary care

  • Reactive response to urgent requests for community services input to enable patients to be managed in an acute phase at home thereby avoiding admission to hospital
  • Assistance in the safe, early discharge of patients from secondary care back in to the community where difficulties are encountered via usual pathways

Other NHS support:

 NHS 111: a 24-hour confidential advice helpline staffed by expert nurses. Call 111 to speak to an advisor.

NHS Choices: a website which provides information about health services, conditions and treatment choices.