Recruitment of Patients for SGUL CCA (OSCEs)

Supporting Recruitment of Patients for SGUL CCA (OSCEs)

Dear CGLs and Specialty Education Leads,

St George’s University Hospital and St George’s University of London enjoy a historic, close knit long term relationship, which is the number one reason for majority of our students and future doctors in deciding to study medicine with us, despite our smaller footprint and often less than ideal infrastructure. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our working environment and practices and many of the changes are only just beginning to settle in. While much of the changes have been improvements such as teleclinics, hybrid learning sessions and technology enhanced sessions, there is an essential need for learning from our interactions with real patients- that remains fundamental to the making of a good doctor.

We need willing patients with real clinical signs and symptoms for learning and assessing our students to continue to deliver a workforce fit for the current and future health service. In finding such patients and encouraging them to participate in the process and learning and assessments (OSCEs) we need your help.

Please may we request you to continue to encourage patients you consider suitable for learning / teaching either with characteristic history, signs or symptoms to join the ‘REAL PATIENT DATABASE’. The SGUL team led by Kirstie ( will be delighted to contact the patient, send them the relevant consent forms, ensure protection of their personal data and support them in participating in OSCEs or teaching. All you need to do is to inform the patient of the opportunity to contribute to medical education,  check they are happy to be contacted and let Kirstie have their contact details.

We will have the relevant information forms available on the UG section of the Trust Education Website and please do contact us for any  queries. Please cascade to all colleagues within your care groups.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Joyce Popoola UG Sub-Dean FRCP FEBTM PhD

Professor Indranil Chakravorty MBE PhD FRC

Director of Medical Education


Data Storage Consent Form V2 Aug 2022

Patient Information for Teaching and Assessment V2.2 Aug 2022

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