Human Rights and Equality

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has a clear vision – to provide quality health services for everyone who needs them, and to make sure that staff are competent, equal and happy in their work.

It is our aim to provide care and services that are appropriate and sensitive to all.

We always ensure that our services promote equality of opportunity, equality of access, and are non-discriminatory.

We are proud of our place in the local community and are keen to embrace the many cultures and traditions that make it so diverse.

The diversity of this community is reflected in the ethnic and cultural mix of our staff. By mirroring the diversity that surrounds us, our staff are better placed to understand and provide for the cultural and spiritual needs of patients.

Public Sector Equality Duty Report 2013/14

Meeting our public sector equality duty report 2012-13

Equality and Human Rights Report 2011

Annual Diversity Report 2010-11