Our values

To achieve our vision of improving the health of our patients and the local community we need to keep patients at the heart of everything that we do – our values are designed to inspire our staff to achieve this. Following detailed discussions with the board, directors, patients and members of our workforce at a variety of levels, we developed a new set of values.

We launched the new values in April 2010 following detailed discussions with our staff and patients, and have been working hard to establish them throughout the organisation ever since. These values set out the standards of behaviour we expect from all our staff:


  • Look after our patients as we would like to be looked after ourselves
  • Set ourselves high standards and be open to new ideas
  • Be professional in our approach and in our appearance
  • Promote and share best practice


  • Anticipate and respond to patients’ and carers’ concerns and worries
  • Support each other under pressure and consider the impact of our actions on others
  • Help people find their way if they look unsure or lost
  • Smile, listen and be friendly


  • Have patient safety as our prime consideration
  • Be responsible for ensuring good patient experience
  • Use resources wisely
  • Challenge poor behaviour in others
  • Learn from experience including our mistakes
  • Say sorry when things go wrong


  • Keep patients, families and carers involved and informed
  • Protect patients’ dignity and confidentiality
  • Wear our name badges, introduce ourselves and address people in a professional manner
  • Respect colleagues’ roles in patient care and experience
  • Value and understand the diversity of those around us

Values Award Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate a member of staff for a Values Award you can do so by completing the Trust Values Awards Nomination Form.