Staff Health and Wellbeing

Here at St. Georges, we want to be a trust that actively promotes the health and wellbeing of its staff and to create a culture that places wellbeing at its heart by embedding it within everything that we do.

To create an open and health focused environment, we have a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Team who:

  • Delivers a programme of events throughout the year.
  • Encourages and supports healthy behaviours.
  • Provides health and wellbeing resources for individuals, managers, and teams.
  • Works with teams across the Trust to embed wellbeing culture.

Wellbeing Champions

We recognise that all of us have a role to play in supporting ourselves, our colleagues and patients. As well as professional wellbeing services available staff at the Trust, we have a growing community of Staff Health and Wellbeing Champions.  These enthusiastic colleagues are supported by Health and Wellbeing Team and work locally and Trust wide to:

  • Organize wellbeing activities for their teams (e.g., lunchtime walks, book clubs, hobby groups),
  • Champion and promote relevant health messages and events,
  • Role model and promote a healthy culture within the workplace,
  • Signpost colleagues and students to relevant service,
  • Provide information to colleagues and students about wellbeing.

Staff counselling services

The Trust offers a Staff Counselling Service which provides free advice and counselling on a variety of problems such as stress, loss or bereavement, work difficulties and personal issues. The counsellors offer a totally confidential and professional counselling service to all staff, and where possible offer flexible appointment times to accommodate different working schedules.

Menopause support

The Menopause is a natural life stage for half the population.  At St. Georges, we want to make sure our staff are supported through this process.  The Health and Wellbeing Team run Menopause Cafes quarterly as well as a 4-week information programme on Menopause.